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Method of stereoelective preparation of substituted piperidines


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  1. New stereoselective methods for producing substituted piperidine derivatives have been proposed.
RU93057733/04A 1991-03-26 1992-01-14 Method of synthesis of substituted 3-aminopiperidine RU2105001C1 (en)

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US67524491A true 1991-03-26 1991-03-26
US675.244 1991-03-26
US675244 1991-03-26
PCT/US1992/000065 WO1992017449A1 (en) 1991-03-26 1992-01-14 Stereoselective preparation of substituted piperidines

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RU93057733A true RU93057733A (en) 1996-06-20
RU2105001C1 RU2105001C1 (en) 1998-02-20



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RU93057733/04A RU2105001C1 (en) 1991-03-26 1992-01-14 Method of synthesis of substituted 3-aminopiperidine

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