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  1. The invention relates to devices for cleaning compressed air or gas from moisture, oil and mechanical impurities. The aim of the invention is to reduce hydro loss and increase the degree of purification. This is achieved by the fact that in a cyclone that contains a fitting for supplying compressed gas, combined with a tangential nozzle inlet, a body consisting of an upper shell 5 of smaller diameter and a lower shell of larger diameter, connected by an external spherical wall, is equipped with the lower end of the inner spherical wall, the equidistant outer spherical wall, and forming with it a diffuser, a separation chamber formed by a shell, and a spout of the separated liquid, tangential The nozzle entry is connected with the turbulence surface, the maximum diameter of which at the interface with the nozzle injection is 1.2 - 2 times larger than the diameter of the separation chamber, the turbulence surface is associated with the upper shell, whose diameter is 2.5 - 5 times smaller than the diameter of the lower shell, the inner spherical wall is connected by its lower edge to the outer side of the half of the torus, whose tube radius is 2.2 - 4 times smaller than the radius of the inner spherical wall, and having a hole in the lower part for a fluid outlet, the axial tube is aligned with the stop us tangential input nozzle collecting chamber is separated from the input end of the nozzle wall in which holes are made, informing the cavity of the collecting chamber with the separation chamber. In addition, the holes are located at a distance from the cyclone's axis of no more than 0.8 of the radius of the upper shell, and their axes are at an angle to the axis of the cyclone, but do not intersect with it and are directed towards the twist of the tangential nozzle input.
RU93053671A 1993-11-23 1993-11-23 Cyclone RU2071839C1 (en)

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RU93053671A RU2071839C1 (en) 1993-11-23 1993-11-23 Cyclone

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RU93053671A RU2071839C1 (en) 1993-11-23 1993-11-23 Cyclone

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