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FIELD: metallurgy.
SUBSTANCE: invention refers to hydrometallurgy, particularly to method of leaching of base metals out of oxidised ores, for example, out of laterite ore, at extraction of nickel and/or cobalt by heap leaching. The method consists in (a) dividing ore to small and large fractions, (b) leaching of large fraction of ore in a leaching solution with a corresponding leaching agent for leaching out metals contained therein, and (c) using small fractions of ore or part of it for neutralisation or partial neutralisation of the leaching agent contained in a saturated leaching solution obtained at stage (b) to transfer certain amount or total amount of saturated leaching solution for further purifying or refining. Then a base metal, for example, nickel and/or cobalt is extracted out of the solution.
EFFECT: reduction of operational costs and increased efficiency of extracting metals from ore.
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Application area
The present invention relates to the leaching of base metals from oxidized ores. In particular, the present invention is intended for use in the recovery of nickel and cobalt from laterite ores under heap leaching conditions.
State of the art
The use of heap leaching technologies in the extraction of base metals, such as copper, from oxidized ore deposits is well known. For example, if the base metal of interest is copper and the host rock is sufficiently oxidized, the oxidized ore can be crushed to the appropriate size, piled and leached with a solution of sulfuric acid (SME Minerals Processing Handbook, Ed. NL Weiss, Society of Mineral Engineers ISBN 0- 89520-433-6).
It often turns out that the ore after crushing contains a significant level of fine-grained material, such as clay or clay-like material. This material, if precautionary measures are not taken, can interfere with the permeability of the heap and, therefore, reduce the efficiency of the heap leaching process. When dealing with such ores, ore is usually agglomerated with water or a working solution and with cement. Agglomeration is carried out in an agglomeration drum immediately before heaping.
During the agglomeration process, small particles adhere to larger particles and thus make the heap subsequently formed more permeable to the working leach solution. Fine fractions in the heap are bound during agglomeration and then cannot move and lead to clogging of the heap and / or formation of channels of the leach solution, which otherwise could lead to a long leaching time and to incompletely leached pockets inside the heap.
When sulfuric acid is used to heap nickel from laterite ores, the leaching kinetics can be very slow. High acid concentration leach solutions can be used to partially overcome this. In this case, the acid flow rate when the solution passes through the heap will also be slow and the concentration of acid in the solution released from the base of the heap will not significantly differ from the concentration in the solution supplied to the top of the heap. This will lead to high concentrations of acid in the solution, which flows from the leach plant to the metal recovery plant. If this acid cannot be extracted, this can lead to significant manufacturing costs, which will be complicated by the need to add more chemicals, such as limestone, to neutralize this acid so that the base metals can be efficiently recovered.
It is an object of the present invention to overcome the aforementioned problems of the prior art, or at least provide a convenient alternative to it.
The previous explanation of the prior art is intended only to facilitate understanding of the present invention. Please note that this explanation is not a confirmation or recognition that the foregoing was part of well-known knowledge in Australia or any other country or region prior to the priority date of the application.
According to the present invention, a method for leaching base metals from oxidized ores is provided, comprising the steps of
a) divide the ore to be leached into small and large fractions or streams;
b) leach a large fraction of the ore in a leach solution with an appropriate leach agent to leach the contained metals; and
c) use a small fraction of the ore or part thereof to neutralize or partially neutralize the leaching agent contained in the saturated leach solution obtained in stage (b) before transferring some or all of the saturated leach solution for further purification or other required treatment.
It is preferable to transfer some or all of the neutralized or partially neutralized saturated leach solution from step (c) to a base metal recovery unit.
Even more preferably, the ore is a lateritic ore containing nickel and cobalt.
It is even more preferable to leach a large fraction of the ore into one or more heaps.
In one embodiment of the invention, it is possible to agglomerate the ore with sulfuric acid to form each heap.
In another embodiment of the invention, sodium pyrosulfite or sulfur dioxide is added to the sulfuric acid leach solution.
The present invention will only be described by way of example with reference to one embodiment of the present invention and the accompanying graphic materials, in which the leaching apparatus according to the method of the present invention is graphically shown.
The best option (s) for carrying out the invention
The drawing shows a flow diagram illustrating one possible industrial application of the method according to the present invention when used in heap leaching conditions.
Laterite ore containing nickel and cobalt is mined and crushed to pass through a 12 mm screen in a crushing and screening plant 10. During crushing, any particles smaller than about 75 micrometers in diameter (<75 microns), a fine fraction, are removed from the bulk ores and stored in a container for storing fine fractions 12. A pile of coarse ore 14 is stacked on an impermeable membrane 16 in a known manner using a coarse ore fraction of more than 75 μm.
Then, a mesh system 18 is placed over the coarse ore 14 to fill the heap 14 with a sulfuric acid leach solution from the leach solution 20 using the pump 22. The proper acid concentration or pH in the leach solution 20 is maintained by the addition of sulfuric acid.
Pipeline 24 directs the saturated leach solution into the sump 26, from which the saturated leach solution can flow under the influence of gravity along line 28 to the leach solution storage 20 or can be diverted along line 30 from the leach process to the fine fraction neutralization unit 32. The sump 26 contains pump (not shown).
Fine ore from the fine fraction storage tank 12 is used in the fine fraction neutralization unit 32 to neutralize some or all of the sulfuric acid contained in the solution in the heap discharge 14. A certain amount or all of this treated solution can then be passed into the installation for metal recovery. Solid waste from the installation to neutralize fine fractions 32 can be discarded (see drawing). Alternatively, if the solid waste has a fairly high metal content, it can be reused in the leach plant and mixed again with coarse ore.
You can see that the method of the present invention gives efficiency compared with the processes of the prior art, at least in part due to the use of fine fractions to neutralize the saturated leach solution before metal recovery.
It is envisaged that the agglomeration step can be used before folding heap 14, and that sodium pyrosulfite or sulfur dioxide can be added to the sulfuric acid leach solution.
It is understood that the boundary between the fine and coarse fractions may vary in different applications. Namely, the determination of the size of what constitutes a fine fraction can vary depending on a number of factors within this method, including the specific mineralogy of the ore.
It is believed that modifications and changes that are obvious to a qualified specialist in this field are within the scope of the present invention.

Claims (10)

1. The method of leaching of base metals from oxidized ores, in which
a) divide the ore to be leached into small and large fractions or streams;
b) leaching a large fraction of the ore in a leaching solution with a suitable leaching agent for leaching the contained metals; and
c) use a small fraction of the ore or part thereof to neutralize or partially neutralize the leaching agent contained in the saturated leach solution obtained in stage (b) before transferring some or all of the saturated leach solution for further purification or other required treatment.
2. The method according to claim 1, in which some or all of the neutralized or partially neutralized saturated leach solution from stage (C) is transferred to the installation for the extraction of the base metal.
3. The method according to claim 1, in which the ore is a lateritic ore containing nickel and cobalt.
4. The method according to claim 1, in which a large fraction of the ore is leached in one or more heaps.
5. The method according to claim 4, in which the ore is subjected to agglomeration with sulfuric acid to the formation of each heap.
6. The method according to claim 1, in which the leaching agent is or contains sulfuric acid.
7. The method according to claim 5, in which sodium pyrosulfite or sulfur dioxide is added to the leaching solution based on sulfuric acid.
8. The method according to any one of claims 1 to 7, in which ore particles with a size of less than about 75 microns comprise a fine fraction.
9. The method according to any one of claims 1 to 7, in which ore particles with a size of more than about 75 microns comprise a coarse fraction.
10. The method of heap leaching of Nickel and / or cobalt from oxidized ores, in which
a) divide the ore to be leached into small and large fractions of ore or streams;
b) leaching a large fraction of the ore in one or more heaps with a leaching solution containing a sulfuric acid leaching agent; and
c) use a small fraction of the ore or part thereof to neutralize or partially neutralize the leaching agent contained in the saturated leach solution obtained in stage (b) before transferring at least a portion of the saturated leach solution to the base metal recovery unit.
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