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FIELD: food industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of special-destination prophylactic drinks. In particular, production of fermentation beverage "Svezhest" comprises washing Brasilian artichoke tubers, cutting them, extraction, yeast-caused fermentation, and ageing to complete fermentation. According to invention, washing is followed by heat treatment for 25-30 min at 120 +/- 2 C and overpressure 0.1 MPa, after which material is cooled, divided to particle size 1.5-2.0 mm, blended in proportion 1:3 with preliminarily 10-fold diluted lactoserum to give blend, which is heated to 80-90 C, aged at this temperature for 30-35 min, recooled to 30-35 C, pressed to give extract with content of solids 8.2-8.4%, to which 10-fold diluted lactoserum is added to reduce content of solids to 5.6-5.8%, whereupon the total is fermented with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisae for 11- 12 h at 34-35 C, cooled to 5- 7 C, ripened at this temperature during 6-8 days to complete fermentation, decanted from yeast cake, and supplemented by aspartame in amount corresponding 0.51 g power 10 sq. dm beverage. EFFECT: increased biological activity at high quality and storage ability, which enables extended assortment of prophylactic-destination tonic and health-improving drinks. 1 dwg, 3 tbl, 3 ex


 The invention relates to the food industry, namely to the production of preventive drinks for special purposes.
The closest in technical essence is dietary kvass from Jerusalem artichoke tubers, to obtain which Jerusalem artichoke tubers after washing are cut in the form of chips 2-3 mm thick and poured with water in a countercurrent extractor at a temperature of 60-80 o C for 1.5 hours. The obtained extract with a solids content of 13-15%, fermented with baking yeast at a temperature of 36-38 o C for 72 hours. After fermentation is completed, "green kvass" is kept for 10-60 days at a temperature of 8-10 o C to complete the fermentation process (Preparation dietary of kvass from Jerusalem artichoke tubers / Chepurnoy I.T., Nikolkina I.G., Reiko V.I. // 4th international symposium "Human Ecology: Food Technology and Products", October 25-28, 1995, p.365).
 A disadvantage of the known drink is its low biological value due to the low content of high-grade protein in it, the duration of the fermentation process.
 An object of the invention is to increase the biological activity of the product, reducing the time of receipt of the drink, a variety of tastes to expand the range.
The problem is achieved in that in the method of producing a fermentation drink, including washing Jerusalem artichoke tubers, slicing them, extracting, fermenting with yeast, keeping to complete fermentation, it is new that Jerusalem artichoke tubers after washing are processed for 25-30 minutes at a temperature of (120 ± 2) o С and a pressure of 0.1 MPa; cooled, crushed to a particle size of 1.5-2.0 mm; mixed in a ratio of 1: 3 with pre-diluted 10 times milk whey, heated the mixture to 80-90 o C, kept at this temperature for 30-35 min, cooled to 30-35 o C, pressed, then into the obtained extract with the content dry matter content of 8.2-8.4% add whey diluted 10 times to a dry matter content of 5.6-5.8% and fermented with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae VGSh-2 for 11-12 hours at a temperature of 34-35 o C cooled to a temperature of 5-7 o C, maintained at this temperature for 6-8 days for completion of the fermentation, was decanted from the yeast of aspartame is added and a precipitate rate of 0.51 g per 10 dm3 beverage.
The method is carri