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I amino acid derivatives of the carbonyl-phenyl-propanoic acid as antagonists of glucagon


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SE REFIERE A UN COMPUESTO DE FORMULA (IA), DONDE ANILLO AA Y ANILLO AC SON CADA UNO BENCENO OPCIONALMENTE SUSTITUIDO O HETEROCICLO AROMATICO DE 5-6 MIEMBROS OPCIONALMENTE SUSTITUIDO; Concerns a compound of formula (IA), where AA RING RING AND AC are each optionally substituted benzene or heterocyclic 5-6 membered aromatic optionally substituted; ANILLO AB ES HETEROCICLO AROMATICO DE 5 MIEMBROS OPCIONALMENTE SUSTITUIDO; RING AB 5-membered aromatic heterocycle optionally substituted; RA3 ES ALQUILO C1-C6; RA3 is C1-C6; CICLOALQUILO C3-C10; C3-C10 cycloalkyl; ARILO C6-C14 OPCIONALMENTE SUSTITUIDO, ENTRE OTROS; C6-C14 optionally substituted, among others; R14 ES H, ALQUILO C1-C6; R14 is H, alkyl C1-C6; RA5 ES -(CH2)3-COORA11, -NRA6-CRA7RA8-CRA9RA10-COORA11; RA5 is - (CH2) 3-COORA11, -NRA6-CRA7RA8-CRA9RA10-COORA11; RA6, RA7, RA8, RA9 Y RA11 SON CADA UNO H, ALQUILO C1-C6; RA6, RA7, RA8, RA9 and RA11 are each H, C1-C6 alkyl; RA10 ES H, OH O ALQUIILO C1-C6. RA10 is H, OH or C1-C6 ALQUIILO. SON COMPUESTOS SELECCIONADOS: ACIDO 3-{[(4-{[CICLOHEXIL(3-METIL-1-BENZOFURAN-2-IL)METIL]AMINO}FENIL)CARBONIL](METIL)AMINO}PROPANOICO; They ARE SELECTED COMPOUNDS: 3 - {[(4 - {[cyclohexyl (3-methyl-1-benzofuran-2-yl) methyl] amino} phenyl) carbonyl] (methyl) amino} propanoic acid; ACIDO 3-{[(6-{[CICLOHEXIL(5-FLUORO-3-METIL-1-BENZOFURAN-2-IL)METIL]AMINO}PIRIDIN-3-IL)CARBONIL](METIL)AMINO}PROPANOICO; 3 - {[(6 - {[cyclohexyl (5-FLUORO-3-METHYL-1-benzofuran-2-yl) methyl] amino} pyridin-3-yl) carbonyl] (methyl) amino} propanoic acid; 3-{[(4-{[2-ETIL-1-(5-FLUORO-3-METIL-1-BENZOFURAN-2-IL)BUTIL]AMINO}FENIL)CARBONIL](METIL)AMINO}PROPANOICO, ENTRE OTROSTAMBIEN SE REFIERE A UN PROCEDIMIENTO Y UNA COMPOSICION FARMACEUTICA. 3 - {[(4 - {[2-ETHYL-1- (5-FLUORO-3-METHYL-1-benzofuran-2-yl) butyl] amino} phenyl) carbonyl] (methyl) amino} propanoic BETWEEN OTROSTAMBIEN SE relates to a method and pharmaceutical composition. DICHOS COMPUESTOS SON ANTAGONISTAS DE GLUCAGON SIENDO UTILES EN EL TRATAMIENTO DE DIABETES Such compounds are glucagon antagonists to be useful in the treatment of diabetes
PE2009001096A 2008-03-05 2009-09-02 I amino acid derivatives of the carbonyl-phenyl-propanoic acid as antagonists of glucagon PE20100443A1 (en)

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JP2009025511 2009-02-06
PCT/JP2009/054095 WO2009110520A1 (en) 2008-03-05 2009-03-04 Heterocyclic compound

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PE20100443A1 true PE20100443A1 (en) 2010-06-25



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PE2009001096A PE20100443A1 (en) 2008-03-05 2009-09-02 I amino acid derivatives of the carbonyl-phenyl-propanoic acid as antagonists of glucagon

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