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Modular building structure.


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    • E04B1/00Constructions in general; Structures which are not restricted either to walls, e.g. partitions, or floors or ceilings or roofs
    • E04B1/348Structures composed of units comprising at least considerable parts of two sides of a room, e.g. box-like or cell-like units closed or in skeleton form
    • E04B1/34815Elements not integrated in a skeleton
    • E04B1/34823Elements not integrated in a skeleton the supporting structure consisting of concrete
OA53706A 1968-08-14 1969-08-13 Modular construction structure. OA3115A (en)

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US76266868A true 1968-08-14 1968-08-14

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OA3115A OA3115A (en) 1970-12-15
OA03115A true OA03115A (en) 1970-12-15



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OA53706A OA3115A (en) 1968-08-14 1969-08-13 Modular construction structure.

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