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Systems and methods for reducing intraocular pressure


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Disclosed are systems and methods for reducing intraocular pressure, thereby to treat glaucoma and other disorders. The systems of the present invention include a shunt insertable across the clear cornea and a delivery device for inserting the shunt in the transcorneal position. The shunt has a body with a head at one end and a foot at the opposite end, and a channel therethrough permitting the passage of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the external surface of the cornea. A removable filter is positioned within the channel to regulate aqueous humor outflow and to resist the incursion of microorganisms.
NZ52009901A 2000-01-12 2001-01-05 Systems and methods for reducing intraocular pressure NZ520099A (en)

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US17565800P true 2000-01-12 2000-01-12
PCT/US2001/000350 WO2001050943A2 (en) 2000-01-12 2001-01-05 Systems and methods for reducing intraocular pressure

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NZ52009901A NZ520099A (en) 2000-01-12 2001-01-05 Systems and methods for reducing intraocular pressure

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