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Digital object ownership server system


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A server system for conducting interactions with users over a network, the interactions involving user ownable and ownership transferable digital objects, includes a user registrar issuing user identification codes to each of the users, an object registrar issuing object identification codes associated with the objects, and a bookkeeper that associates each object with an owner and that validates ownership of the objects prior to the use of the object. The system issues an ownership certificate to the owner of an object and maintains a certificate revocation list identifying ownership certificates that are no longer valid.
NZ509945A 1997-04-11 1998-04-09 Digital object ownership server system NZ509945A (en)

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US08/834,027 US6119229A (en) 1997-04-11 1997-04-11 Virtual property system
NZ500145A NZ500145A (en) 1997-04-11 1998-04-09 System for transferring digital property objects over a computer network

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NZ509945A true NZ509945A (en) 2002-10-25



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NZ509945A NZ509945A (en) 1997-04-11 1998-04-09 Digital object ownership server system

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