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NO994094A 1999-08-24 1999-08-24 Stigerörsanordning NO994094D0 (no)

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NO994094A NO994094D0 (no) 1999-08-24 1999-08-24 Stigerörsanordning

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NO994094A NO994094D0 (no) 1999-08-24 1999-08-24 Stigerörsanordning
AU67410/00A AU6741000A (en) 1999-08-24 2000-08-24 A hybrid riser configuration
PCT/NO2000/000279 WO2001014687A1 (en) 1999-08-24 2000-08-24 A hybrid riser configuration
BR0013521A BR0013521A (pt) 1999-08-24 2000-08-24 Configuração de tubo ascendente hìbrido possuinido uma torre submersa, e, ppocesso para instalar a mesma.
CA 2382686 CA2382686C (en) 1999-08-24 2000-08-24 A hybrid riser configuration
GB0203702A GB2370852B (en) 1999-08-24 2000-08-24 A hybrid riser configuration
US10/069,346 US6837311B1 (en) 1999-08-24 2000-08-24 Hybrid riser configuration
NO20020915A NO324798B1 (no) 1999-08-24 2002-02-25 Hybridstigeror-konfigurasjon

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NO994094D0 true NO994094D0 (no) 1999-08-24



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NO994094A NO994094D0 (no) 1999-08-24 1999-08-24 Stigerörsanordning

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US (1) US6837311B1 (no)
AU (1) AU6741000A (no)
BR (1) BR0013521A (no)
CA (1) CA2382686C (no)
GB (1) GB2370852B (no)
NO (1) NO994094D0 (no)
WO (1) WO2001014687A1 (no)

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BR0013521A (pt) 2002-06-25
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