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Martin Neumann
Ferdinand Koeckerling
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Martin Neumann
Ferdinand Koeckerling
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    • A61B17/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods, e.g. tourniquets
    • A61B17/08Wound clamps or clips, i.e. not or only partly penetrating the tissue ; Devices for bringing together the edges of a wound
    • A61B90/00Instruments, implements or accessories specially adapted for surgery or diagnosis and not covered by any of the groups A61B1/00 - A61B50/00, e.g. for luxation treatment or for protecting wound edges
    • A61B90/39Markers, e.g. radio-opaque or breast lesions markers
    • A61B2090/3937Visible markers
NO931565A 1990-10-31 1993-04-29 Sår-lukkeanordning NO307074B1 (no)

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DE4034705A DE4034705A1 (de) 1990-10-31 1990-10-31 Wundverschluss
PCT/DE1991/000849 WO1992007519A1 (de) 1990-10-31 1991-10-31 Wundverschluss

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NO931565L true NO931565L (no) 1993-04-29
NO931565D0 NO931565D0 (no) 1993-04-29
NO307074B1 NO307074B1 (no) 2000-02-07



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NO931565A NO307074B1 (no) 1990-10-31 1993-04-29 Sår-lukkeanordning

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