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    • E04H12/00Towers; Masts or poles; Chimney stacks; Water-towers; Methods of erecting such structures
    • E04H12/22Sockets or holders for poles or posts
    • E04H12/2253Mounting poles or posts to the holder
NO834046A 1983-11-07 1983-11-07 Soeylesko, samt fremgangsmaate ved faststoeping av soeylesko. NO153901C (no)

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NO834046A NO153901C (no) 1983-11-07 1983-11-07 Soeylesko, samt fremgangsmaate ved faststoeping av soeylesko.

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Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
NO834046A NO153901C (no) 1983-11-07 1983-11-07 Soeylesko, samt fremgangsmaate ved faststoeping av soeylesko.
FI834743A FI73494C (fi) 1983-11-07 1983-12-22 Stoedsko.
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GB08620505A GB2180287B (en) 1983-11-07 1986-08-22 Method of setting a rod in concrete

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NO834046L true NO834046L (no) 1985-05-08
NO153901B NO153901B (no) 1986-03-03
NO153901C NO153901C (no) 1986-06-11



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NO834046A NO153901C (no) 1983-11-07 1983-11-07 Soeylesko, samt fremgangsmaate ved faststoeping av soeylesko.

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