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A process for preparing oxymorphone


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    • C07D489/00Heterocyclic compounds containing 4aH-8, 9 c- Iminoethano-phenanthro [4, 5-b, c, d] furan ring systems, e.g. derivatives of [4, 5-epoxy]-morphinan of the formula:
    • C07D489/06Heterocyclic compounds containing 4aH-8, 9 c- Iminoethano-phenanthro [4, 5-b, c, d] furan ring systems, e.g. derivatives of [4, 5-epoxy]-morphinan of the formula: with a hetero atom directly attached in position 14
    • C07D489/08Oxygen atom
NO793297A 1978-10-19 1979-10-12 A process for preparing oxymorphone NO793297L (en)

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US95305678A true 1978-10-19 1978-10-19

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NO793297L true NO793297L (en) 1980-04-22



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NO793297A NO793297L (en) 1978-10-19 1979-10-12 A process for preparing oxymorphone

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