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Detection of voice-activity


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The first aspect provides a voice activity detection appts. for receiving an input signal, estimating the noise signal component of the input signal and continually forming a measure M of the spectral similarity between a portion of the input signal and the noise signal. A circuit is provided to compare a parameter derived from the measure M with a threshold value T to produce an output to indicate the presence, or absence, of speech depending on whether, or not, that value is exceeded. A second aspect covers voice activity detection appts. which continually forms a spectral distortion measure and carries out a comparison.
NO903936A 1988-03-11 1990-09-10 Detection of voice-activity NO304858B1 (en)

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GB888805795A GB8805795D0 (en) 1988-03-11 1988-03-11 Voice activity detector
GB888813346A GB8813346D0 (en) 1988-06-06 1988-06-06 Voice activity detection
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NO903936D0 NO903936D0 (en) 1990-09-10
NO903936L NO903936L (en) 1990-11-09
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NO903936A NO304858B1 (en) 1988-03-11 1990-09-10 Detection of voice-activity
NO982568A NO982568D0 (en) 1988-03-11 1998-06-04 Detection of voice-activity

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NO982568A NO982568D0 (en) 1988-03-11 1998-06-04 Detection of voice-activity

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