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    • E21B17/00Drilling rods or pipes; Flexible drill strings; Kellies; Drill collars; Sucker rods; Cables; Casings; Tubings
    • E21B17/20Flexible or articulated drilling pipes, e.g. flexible or articulated rods, pipes or cables
    • E21B7/00Special methods or apparatus for drilling
    • E21B7/20Driving or forcing casings or pipes into boreholes, e.g. sinking; Simultaneously drilling and casing boreholes
    • E21B7/208Driving or forcing casings or pipes into boreholes, e.g. sinking; Simultaneously drilling and casing boreholes using down-hole drives
NO20026100A 2000-08-01 2002-12-19 Fremgangsmate og apparat for a bore og fore en boring NO332964B1 (no)

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GB0018877A GB2365463B (en) 2000-08-01 2000-08-01 Drilling method
PCT/GB2001/003465 WO2002010549A2 (en) 2000-08-01 2001-08-01 Drilling and lining method using a spoolable tubing

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NO20026100A NO332964B1 (no) 2000-08-01 2002-12-19 Fremgangsmate og apparat for a bore og fore en boring

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