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Tissue thickness compensator comprising tissue ingrowth features.


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In various embodiments, a compensato can be attachable to an anvil (22760) of a fastening instrument. The compensator can comprise a support layer (24226) configured to be attached to the anvil and a scaffold (24222) attached to the support layer. In at least one embodiment, the scaffold can comprise a plurality of scaffold layers (24227) comprised of a biocompatible material and a plurality of cavities, wherein the layers and the cavities can define a matrix favorable to tissue and cellular ingrowth.
MX2014011774A 2012-03-28 2013-03-27 Tissue thickness compensator comprising tissue ingrowth features. MX355789B (en)

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US13/433,126 US9320523B2 (en) 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 Tissue thickness compensator comprising tissue ingrowth features
PCT/US2013/034099 WO2013148834A2 (en) 2012-03-28 2013-03-27 Tissue thickness compensator comprising tissue ingrowth features

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MX2014011774A MX355789B (en) 2012-03-28 2013-03-27 Tissue thickness compensator comprising tissue ingrowth features.

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