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Fibre based panels with a wear resistance surface.


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Building panels with a homogenous decorative surface having a wear layer comprising fibres, binders and wear resistant particles.
MX2010005489A 2007-11-19 2008-11-13 Fibre based panels with a wear resistance surface. MX2010005489A (en)

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US99647307P true 2007-11-19 2007-11-19
SE0702555 2007-11-19
US4293808P true 2008-04-07 2008-04-07
SE0800776 2008-04-07
PCT/EP2008/065489 WO2009065769A2 (en) 2007-11-19 2008-11-13 Fibre based panels with a wear resistance surface

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MX2010005489A true MX2010005489A (en) 2010-08-04



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MX2010005489A MX2010005489A (en) 2007-11-19 2008-11-13 Fibre based panels with a wear resistance surface.

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