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Bellows valve.


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The present invention relates to a valve device comprising an external structure with a longitudinal axis and a valve seat, and a valve body mounted movably inside the external structure. The valve device comprises a first bellows device permitted to be moved in a substantially radial direction, in fluid connection with a first fluid, and hydraulically connected to a second bellows device permitted to be moved in a substantially axial direction. The second bellows device is connected to a first part piston cooperating with a second part piston, thereby giving the second part piston an oppositely directed movement relative to the first part piston, which thereby moves the valve body relative to the valve seat. The invention also relates to a method for operation of a valve device and the use thereof.
MX2009013230A 2007-06-05 2008-06-05 Bellows valve. MX2009013230A (en)

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NO20072862A NO332752B1 (en) 2007-06-05 2007-06-05 Belgventil
PCT/NO2008/000202 WO2008150179A1 (en) 2007-06-05 2008-06-05 Bellows valve

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MX2009013230A MX2009013230A (en) 2007-06-05 2008-06-05 Bellows valve.

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