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PURPOSE: An E-business Christmas card with a multi-functional appreciation ticket type is provided to maximize an effective value of the Christmas card by adding various service functions to a conventional Christmas card. CONSTITUTION: The E-business Christmas card with the multi-functional appreciation ticket type has an appreciation ticket indicated on a rear surface, a public slogan(3), an appreciation ticket indication(5), a title of the appreciation ticket content(5), a use stipulation(6), a gift certificate number(7), the first class premium items(8), a lottery date(9), a guide homepage address(10), and a dotted line(11) in a conventional Christmas card.


Multifunctional gratuitous e-business Christmas card {omitted}

The present invention relates to a Christmas card (and a New Year's card) to give and receive each other's virtues at the end of the year, while supplying the buyer at the same price as a normal card without any additional burden, while the traditional holiday to simply put the virtues for the holiday season It solves the problems of the lottery-style card that only the card function or mediocrity seems to be highlighted, respecting the bright, cheerful and happy atmosphere of the original card culture and its original conservative traditional values, while satisfying the information needs of the modern information age. The aim is to construct a "multifunctional gratuitous e-business Christmas card" that can meet modern trends.

The traditional card is a simple retrospective written about a person who has had a strong relationship with him during the year, along with a virtue, a new year's commitment, a resolution of hope, and a word of encouragement for the other party. The function itself was one-sided, but the card culture has changed a lot since the transition to the complex society of modern society, for example, a so-called lottery card that is applying for patents in various forms.

The present invention has a technical problem to solve the problems of the existing card as described above. To do this, in a normal two-stage folding type card, simply mark "There is a gratitude ticket on the back side" at the bottom right corner of the inside of the inlay. In general, it is possible to service various prizes by incorporating "free travel ticket for Jeju Island for 2 nights and 3 days" with the "Terms of Use" with high preference, satisfaction, and affinity. In order to find out more about the contents, write down the guide Internet homepage address at the bottom right corner of the Graduation Ticket section, and in particular, in conjunction with the descriptions of free travel methods and lucky prize lottery methods and details of Jeju Island when visiting the guide website. Games, news & media, entertainment, life, By linking up, home shopping, finance & finance, booking & discount tickets, free & free prize information, etc., you can get interesting attention by noting the card you see and discard, or the domain you forget easily. It can be a card or an Internet domain, and a wide range of recipients are direct real users, resulting in a direct advertising effect that has a very strong advertising effect, and when managed in the form of a member, can greatly imprint its utility value. It is technically possible to construct a "multifunctional gratuitous e-business Christmas card" with the ability to create a new market model for e-commerce.

In other words, the present invention respects the bright, joyful, cheerful, godly, sacred and conservative traditional values that are the characteristics of the card culture, while already being internalized in the midst of the mixed values of the highly industrialized modern society. In the case of companies that are becoming economically active, the card sent to customers is a reality that assumes a very economic meaning on the premise that it expects strong maintenance and development in the new year. Anyone enjoys and prefers leisure trips as a free gift ticket, that is, a free trip ticket for Jeju Island for two nights and three days with the terms and conditions of use (hotels, tourist spots, tourist buses, breakfast and lunch, and car rentals, etc.) Jeju Free Travel Ticket function can be applied to existing cards by giving a free gift of time, etc.). By combining and adding the lucky prize function, the contents were awarded the first prize of "two Jeju round-trip free tickets" and various other winners could be presented. In addition, in order to allow recipients to receive more detailed information about travel and prize tickets, the address of the homepage is written together. The problem is that it is a free gift ticket for Jeju Island. If possible, to what extent free coverage applies?

However, according to the rules of Jeju Island's group travel agreement, domestic airlines offer 40% to 60% discount on group travel (particularly during off-seasons and weekdays, when there are a lot of empty seats on large planes, the more airlines are welcomed, the more the airlines are welcome). With this discounted amount, it is possible to solve the price of accommodations, tourist attractions, tourist buses, car rentals, breakfasts, lunches, etc. of Jeju-do local tourists on weekdays and low seasons. It is using this system and is already settled as a form of commercialized business. However, domestic travel agencies are recruiting travelers through newspaper advertisements or sales representatives in order to utilize such a system, and the burden is high in terms of advertising expenses and sales expenses. Jeju Island Free Travel Gratuity Ticket "Further printing fee is only 3 ~ 5 won", and the free benefit range is stated in the terms and conditions of use.1) Free accommodation for 2 nights at Jeju Island Tourist Hotel (2 people per room, Tourist Hotel 2) 2) Free admission to tourist attractions in Jeju Island 3) Free tour fee for all-day tour buses to Jeju Island. However, 12 hours rental fee is free when renting a car. 4) Free breakfast and lunch. 5) Reservations must be made 15 days in advance. 6) Departures are scheduled at Gimhae Airport and Gimpo Airport every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday except during peak seasons. As stated in the core terms and conditions, the burden of these costs was entirely covered by the discount amount of 40 to 60% incurred by the domestic airline's group discount terms and conditions. The various tourism-related companies in Jeju Island are able to activate their business even during off-season weekdays.The people who receive the gratuitous card pay only the airfare and enjoy all the tours of Jeju Island for free during the year. It is good to be able to do it, and the person who sent the card can give thanks to the senior juniors, acquaintances, and customers who have graced normally. Indeed the efficiency of the card to the satisfaction of both the Jolo with one stone.

In addition, the recipients of the card would like to know more about the details of the trips and giveaways listed in the Gratitude Ticket section. And shopping, auction, finance, finance, computer, internet, employment information, start-up information, life, women, media, advertising, travel, sports, entertainment, cultural arts, health medicine, industry Economic, social groups, religion, academic education, public institutions, local information, educational institutions, etc. to build a service site that can be easily searched.

It is to achieve the advertising effect of the domain through the card which has tremendous power and credibility to all citizens. By using human trust and explosive power, the utility value of domain was imprinted to create a new and innovative business model for e-commerce based on banner advertisements and internet shopping malls.

1 is a front view of a two-stage folding type card inlay of the present invention

Figure 2 is a perspective rear view of the present invention

3 is a detailed view of the FIG.

[Explanation of symbols on the main parts of the drawings]

(1) Front view of card inlay (2) "Graduation ticket (on back)" notation

(3) Public interest slogans (4) "Graduation ticket" notation

(5) Headline of the content of gratitude rights

(7) Prize ticket number (8) 1st prize details

(9) Date of Draw (10) Specific Information Website

(11) perforation

In order to achieve the above object, the configuration of the present invention can be seen in the accompanying drawings, will be described in detail according to the embodiment.

First, in describing the drawings, the same reference numerals are applied to the same components, even if shown in different drawings.

Fig. 1 shows a front view of the inside of a conventional two-fold card. The front face of such a conventional two-fold card includes the phrases such as "happy new year", "Merry C hristmas" and the like, such as gold foil, silver foil or hologram. It is printed and attached to the inside of a separate sheet of paper. The greetings for the year-end and New Year holidays are written with the New Year's pledge, ambition, and encouragement. In addition, the name of the issuer is described as gold or silver foil or general ink printing under the back side of the grounding surface. The card of the present invention is the same as the conventional card in the drawing method, standard, etc. However, the present invention is a conventional card. The difference is that in terms of material, the entire paper is used entirely in domestic paper. Existing cards are expensive due to high quality in order to overcome the fierce competition. Although the use of expensive imported paper is the trend, the present invention is superior in terms of utility value even if the quality of domestic paper is somewhat lower than the imported one, so it is twice or three times more expensive imported paper (about 200,000 won per domestic source, Even though the import place is worth 60 to 700,000 won, it has an excellent competitive edge in terms of consumer preference.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of a two-stage folding type card of the present invention and Figure 3 is a detailed view of the gratuitous portion of the core of the present invention.

The present invention is the same as the existing card in terms of design, content, specifications, etc., and simply prints the portion of the complimentary gift when printing a large amount of extra printing costs per sheet is only a very small 3 ~ 5 won, additional economic burden to consumers In addition, the present invention will be described in more detail with reference to the components in FIG. Figure 1 (2) is a letter "(referred to the back) by drawing a diagonal line (/) at the bottom right end of the inner surface of the card inside, and in Figure 3 (3) is" love our mountain " (4) indicated that the entire contents were "Grateful Rights", and (5) the title of Gratitude Rights, Jeju Island for two nights and three days. (6) Terms of Use (7) Prize Number (8) First Prize History (9) First Sweepstakes (9) Date of Lottery (10) Information on how to travel and prize lottery The homepage address is listed and (11) is a cut-out line, which is intended to be cut and stored by the recipient so that it can be used when needed.

Card according to the present invention As described above, one card fully respects the traditional value of the card culture, while accepting changes in the card culture that is practiced in the sense of part of the economic activity (e.g., the customer's favored fraud). To meet the strong demand for leisure travel and to link various e-commerce sites to suit the modern trend of the information age, which is developing rapidly. By adding a variety of new service functions to the card, the utility value is maximized to create a desire to preserve for a long time.Therefore, the information domains listed there are stored and utilized, which is directly connected to real users, thus requiring PR of the domain. Being a huge advertising cost It is very effective in creating a new business model in e-commerce.


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  1. In the existing card, the title of the contents of (1) and (3) the gratuitous slogan (4) and the gratuitous slogan (4) the "gratuitous slogan" (5) the gratuity of the gratuity (6) "Multi-functional gratuitous e-business Christmas card," characterized by consisting of the terms and conditions, (7) prize number, (8) 1 prize history, (9) lottery date, (10) information website address, (11) perforation New Year's card) "
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