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KR100920599B1 KR1020047002667A KR20047002667A KR100920599B1 KR 100920599 B1 KR100920599 B1 KR 100920599B1 KR 1020047002667 A KR1020047002667 A KR 1020047002667A KR 20047002667 A KR20047002667 A KR 20047002667A KR 100920599 B1 KR100920599 B1 KR 100920599B1
South Korea
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method according
monomer mixture
functional groups
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로베르트-페터 클라인
프랭크 테오발트
토마스 힐레
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에르테에스 로만 테라피-시스테메 아게
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