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    • G01K13/00Adaptations of thermometers for specific purposes
    • G01K13/002Adaptations of thermometers for specific purposes for measuring body temperature
JP50177786A 1985-04-10 1986-03-24 Pending JPS62502494A (ja)

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US06/721,724 US4642785A (en) 1985-04-10 1985-04-10 Cordless electronic thermometer

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JPS62502494A true JPS62502494A (ja) 1987-09-24



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JP50177786A Pending JPS62502494A (ja) 1985-04-10 1986-03-24

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US (1) US4642785A (ja)
EP (1) EP0217866B1 (ja)
JP (1) JPS62502494A (ja)
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WO (1) WO1986006162A1 (ja)

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EP0217866A1 (en) 1987-04-15
DE3668701D1 (de) 1990-03-08
EP0217866B1 (en) 1990-01-31
WO1986006162A1 (en) 1986-10-23
US4642785A (en) 1987-02-10

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