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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To attain the preparation of high-definition electronic documents by separately plotting characters, straight lines and graphics on a screen for plotting while using pens in plural colors, picking up the images of these data while using a specified image sensor, distinguishing these images, replacing these images with electronic characters and electronic straight lines, restoring and synthesizing them.
SOLUTION: Characters/symbols 6, a horizontal/vertical straight line 7 and arbitrary graphic 8 are respectively handwritten in different colors on a screen 2 for plotting of an electronic blackboard 1 by pens 3-5 in red, green and blue and the images of these data are picked up by a color camera 9 provided with an optical filter for distinguishing and recognizing them corresponding to respective colors. At a red output terminal 10, for example, the output of the characters 6 is remarkable but other video signal output components are reduced. A character discriminator 13, a straight line discriminator 14 and an arbitrary graphic discriminator 15 discriminate the levels of inputs of these video signals and distinguish the characters, the straight line and the arbitrary graphic. Then, a character/graphic synthesizer 20 synthesizes the electronic character and electronic graphic generated by a character generator 17 and a straight line generator 19 with the graphic from the arbitrary graphic discriminator 15 and outputs the synthesized result from an output device 21.



【0001】 [0001]

【発明の属する技術分野】本発明は所謂電子黒板に関するものである。 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a so-called electronic blackboard.

【0002】 [0002]

【従来の技術】近年電子黒板が広く用いられているが、 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In recent years electronic blackboard is widely used,
板面に手書きされた文字、図形をそのまま図形情報として電子的に記録し、コピーを作成するようにした装置が多い。 Characters are handwritten on the plate surface, electronically recorded directly as graphic information graphics, there are many apparatus adapted to make a copy. また、電子的に記録した図形情報をパーソナルコンピュータに出力可能な装置もあるが、これも単に、板面に手書きされた文字、図形をそのまま図形情報として取り込むものであった。 Further, there is electronically also recorded output device capable graphic information into the personal computers, also simply was achieved, taking characters as handwritten plate surface, a shape as it is as graphic information.

【0003】 [0003]

【発明が解決しようとする課題】前述の従来技術は、単に手書きした文字、図形をそのまま多くのコピーが取れるという利点があるが、手書き文字の品位が劣り、これを議事録等公式の文書として残したい場合には、ワードプロセッサ等で再度作成しなければならないという問題がある。 [SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION] The foregoing prior art, but simply there is an advantage that hand-written characters, the intact many copies shapes taken, poor quality of the handwriting, which as a document such as the minutes Official If you want to leave, there is a problem that must be re-created in a word processor or the like.

【0004】本発明はこの欠点を除去し、手書きした文字、図形を高い品位の文字、図形に変換し、そのまま議事録等の公式文書を作成できる文書を作る為の電子黒板を提供することを目的とする。 [0004] The present invention is to remove this disadvantage, handwritten letter, of the high quality of the graphic character, that is converted to a shape, to provide an electronic blackboard for making a document that can be directly create official documents such as the minutes for the purpose.

【0005】 [0005]

【課題を解決するための手段】本発明はこの目的を達成する為に、手書きの文字、図形を認識し、これを電子文字、図形に変換して、議事録等公式文書にするに耐える高品位な文書を作成できるようにしたものである。 The present invention SUMMARY OF] In order to achieve this object, handwriting, to recognize the shape, which electronic character, is converted into graphic, high withstand to the minutes or the like official documents it is that to be able to create a quality document.

【0006】手書きの文字、図形を電子文字、図形に変換する為には、描画用面に混在状態で描画された文字、 [0006] The handwritten letter, in order to convert the graphic electronic character, the figure is drawn in a mixed state to the drawing surface character,
図形を一括に認識し、これを識別するのは非常にむずかしい為、これをあらかじめ識別し、文字は、文字のみで認識し、図形は図形で認識するようにしたものである。 To recognize the figure in bulk, because it is very difficult to identify this, which was previously identified the, character, recognized only by characters, figures are those that were to be recognized in the figure.

【0007】このような観点で、電子黒板への描画文書を見ると、文字と水平、垂直の直線及びその他の図形、 [0007] In this point of view, looking at the drawing document to the electronic blackboard, characters and horizontal, vertical straight lines and other shapes,
の3つに大きく分けられる。 Large are divided in to three. また、電子黒板を使用する目的の殆んどを占める議事録では、決まった大きさの文字、記号及び水平、垂直の直線で形成される枠及び任意図形に大別される。 Also, in the proceedings occupy object of most of them using an electronic blackboard, fixed size of the characters, symbols and horizontal, are roughly divided into the frame and any figure is formed by a vertical straight line.

【0008】本発明ではまずこれを識別する為に文字、 [0008] character to identify it first, in the present invention,
記号と水平、垂直の直線と、任意図形とを色の異なるペンで描画し、これを、色を識別する光学フィルタを備えた画像センサで撮像し、この画像センサで得られた信号から文字判別装置で文字であることを判別し、次にこれを文字認識装置で、何の文字であるかを認識し、次に文字発生装置で電子文字、すなわち、文字コードデータを発生する。 Symbols and horizontal, and vertical straight lines, drawn with a pen with different and optional graphic colors, which were captured by the image sensor with an optical filter that identifies the color, character determination from a signal obtained by the image sensor determines that the apparatus is a character, then this in the character recognition apparatus, recognize how many characters, then the electronic character by the character generator, that generates the character code data.

【0009】また、直線は文字と同様の過程を経て電子直線(直線信号)を発生する。 Further, straight lines for generating an electron linear (straight line signal) via the same character process. 手書きの記号は、文字と同様にして図形判別する。 Handwritten symbols graphically determined in the same manner as characters. これらの電子文字、電子直線及びそのまま撮像される任意図形は文字図形合成装置によって、高品位な文書に合成することができる。 These electronic letters, electronic linear and as any figures to be imaged by the character graphic synthesizer, can be synthesized in high-quality documents.

【0010】 [0010]

【発明の実施の形態】以下この発明の一実施例を図1及び図2に示す。 DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Hereinafter showing one embodiment of the present invention in FIGS.

【0011】電子黒板1の描画用面2に、赤、緑、青の3色のペン3、4、5で文字、記号6及び水平、垂直の直線7、及び任意図形8をそれぞれ色を分けて手書きすると、これを図示しない光学フィルタを備えたカラーカメラ9で撮像する。 [0011] drawing surface 2 of the electronic blackboard 1, divided red, green, characters with the pen 3, 4, 5 of three colors of blue, symbols 6 and horizontal, vertical straight line 7, and each color any figure 8 When handwriting Te, imaged with color camera 9 provided with an optical filter (not shown) it.

【0012】カラーカメラ9は描画面2の全体を撮像するが、これに描かれた文字、記号6と直線7と任意図形8は色が異なる為カラーカメラ9の赤色、緑色、青色の出力端子10、11、12に出力される映像信号レベルは例えば、赤色出力端子10には文字6の出力は大きいが他の直線7及び任意図形8の映像信号出力成分は非常に小さくなる。 [0012] While the color camera 9 captures the entire drawing surface 2, which in the depicted characters, symbols 6 and the straight line 7 and any figure 8 red for color camera 9 colors differ, green, blue output terminal video signal level output to the 10, 11 and 12, for example, a video signal output component of the output of the character 6 is larger other linear 7 and any figure 8 to the red output terminal 10 is very small.

【0013】同様に緑色の出力端子11には直線7の映像信号出力は大きいが他の文字6及び任意図形8の信号出力は小さくなる。 [0013] Similarly, but larger video signal output of the linear 7 green output terminal 11 is the signal output of the other characters 6 and any figure 8 becomes smaller.

【0014】また、青色の出力端子12には任意図形8 [0014] Any figure 8 the blue output terminals 12
の映像信号出力は大きいが他の文字6及び直線7の出力は小さくなる。 While the video signal output of large output other characters 6 and linear 7 smaller.

【0015】従って、これらの映像信号の入力の大小を判定し、規定の出力レベル以上の信号を出力する文字判別装置13及び直線判別装置14、及び任意図形判別装置15で、文字、直線、任意図形を弁別できる。 [0015] Thus, to determine the magnitude of the input of these video signals, character discriminating unit 13 and the linear discrimination apparatus 14 outputs an output level or more signals defined, and optionally graphical discriminating device 15, characters, lines, optionally It can be distinguished a figure.

【0016】文字判別装置13の出力は、文字認識装置16に入力され、手書き文字を何という文字であるか認識された後次の文字発生装置17に送られる。 The output of the character discriminating unit 13 is input to the character recognition device 16 and sent to the next character generator 17 after being recognized what a a character handwriting.

【0017】同様に直線判別装置14の出力は図形識別装置18に入力されどの方向のどれだけの長さの直線であるかを認識された後次の直線発生装置19に送られる。 [0017] Similarly, the output of the linear discrimination device 14 is sent to the next straight line generator 19 after being recognized whether the straight line length of much of which direction is input to the graphic identification device 18.

【0018】文字発生装置17、直線発生装置19で発生した電子文字及び、電子図形は次の文字図形合成装置20に送られ、同時に任意図形判別装置15から送られた図形と合成され、高品位な電子文書が作られ出力装置21から出力される。 The character generator 17, an electronic character and generated by a straight line generator 19, an electronic graphic is sent to the next character graphics synthesizer 20 is combined with the graphics sent from any graphic discriminating device 15 simultaneously, high quality an electronic document is output from the created output device 21.

【0019】なお、図2に示すよう、描画用面2には、 [0019] Incidentally, as shown in FIG. 2, the drawing surface 2,
手書き文字6を、文字認識装置で認識しやすいように書くための、カラーカメラ9では検知できないが人の目には見える補助線22と、同様に手書き直線7を描くための補助線23が記入されている。 Fill handwriting 6, for writing as easily recognized by the character recognition device, the auxiliary line 23 for drawing can not be detected in the color camera 9 and the auxiliary line 22 visible to the human eye, as well as handwriting straight 7 It is.

【0020】この補助線により文字及び直線の認識率が高まり、能率的に高品位な電子文書を作成することができる。 The increased character and straight recognition rate by the auxiliary line, it is possible to create an efficient high-quality electronic documents.

【0021】 [0021]

【発明の効果】以上述べた如く本発明によれば、電子黒板に手書き文書を記入すれば、自動的に高品位な電子文書を作成することができる為、ビジネス効率を著しく高めることができ、また、電子黒板の使用価値も非常に高くすることができる。 According to the above mentioned as the present invention, if entered handwritten documents on the electronic blackboard, automatically since it is possible to create a high-quality electronic documents, it is possible to significantly increase business efficiency, in addition, it can also be very high value in use of the electronic blackboard.


【図1】本発明の一実施例を示すシステム構成図 System configuration diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention; FIG

【図2】本発明の描画用面の補助線の一例を示す正面図 Front view illustrating an example of the drawing surface of the auxiliary line of the present invention; FIG


2:描画用面、3:赤色ペン、4:緑色ペン、5:青色ペン、9:カラーカメラ、13:文字判別装置、14: 2: drawing surface, 3: red pen, 4: Green Pen, 5: blue pen, 9: color camera, 13: character discriminating unit, 14:
直線判別装置、15:任意図形判別装置、16:文字認識装置、17:文字発生装置、18:図形識別装置、1 Linear discrimination apparatus, 15: Any figure discrimination apparatus, 16: a character recognition device, 17: a character generator, 18: figure identification device, 1
9:直線発生装置、20:文字図形合成装置。 9: linear generator, 20: character graphic synthesizer.

Claims (1)

    【特許請求の範囲】 [The claims]
  1. 【請求項1】 描画用面と、該描画用面に文字、記号と、直線と、任意図形の少なくとも3つを描き分ける為の色の異なるペンで描画された、文字、記号と直線と任意図形をそれぞれ前記色で弁別認識するための光学フィルタを備えた画像センサと、 該画像センサに接続された文字認識装置と、前記画像センサに接続された直線認識装置と、前記文字認識装置と直線認識装置と前記任意画像を認識するセンサが接続された文字、直線、画像合成装置と、該文字直線画像合成装置に接続された出力装置とを備えた電子黒板。 And 1. A drawing surface, character image drawing surfaces, and symbols, and a straight line was drawn in the color of different pens for separating drawn at least three arbitrary shapes, letters, symbols and line and optionally an image sensor having an optical filter for discriminating recognized by each of the color graphic, the character recognition device connected to the image sensor, the straight line recognition apparatus connected to the image sensor, the character recognition device and the line character of the arbitrary image and recognition apparatus recognizes sensors are connected, straight lines, and an image synthesizing apparatus, an electronic blackboard comprising an output device and connected to the character linear image synthesizer.
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