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【考案の詳細な説明】 [産業上の利用分野] 本考案はピアノの響板に関する。DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION [Industrial application] The present invention relates to a soundboard for a piano.
[従来の技術] 従来、ピアノの響板は弾性が高く軽い木材を木目に沿っ
[Prior Art] Conventionally, the soundboard of a piano is a vertically long single plate made of light and highly elastic wood, and the wood grain direction is the same, and several pieces are bonded sideways (horizontal perforation). The soundboard was completed by crossing the soundboard material in the wood grain direction and adhering 9 to 17 soundbars. This sound stick is a solid wood, and the propagation speed in the wood direction of the veneer is 2-3 times the propagation speed of vibration in the direction crossing the wood, so the sound stick crosses in the wood direction of the veneer. If they are adhered to each other, the vibration of the strings can be uniformly propagated to the entire soundboard.
[考案が解決しようとする問題] 従来複数枚の単板を木目方向を揃えて矧ぎ合わせて接着
[Problems to be solved by the invention] Conventionally, a soundboard, which is made by adhering multiple veneers by aligning the grain directions and adhering to each other, undergoes shrinkage / expansion of wood due to humidity and changes in adhesive strength due to temperature, but the adhesive strength When the value is strong, only the soundboard expands and contracts, and the soundboard is likely to crack, especially in cold regions. Also, FIG. 2 (a) shows a sound bar (2) as a single plate (1).
Fig. 2 (b) shows an example of the vibration mode of the soundboard (3) not bonded to the soundboard, and Fig. 2 (b) shows the soundboard (3) with the soundbar (2) bonded to the single plate (1).
An example of the vibration mode is shown, and it is shown that the vibration is made uniform by the adhesion of the sound stick (2) and becomes a circular mode.
That is, the vibration mode is controlled by adhering the sound bar (2) to the single plate (1), and the vibration mode depending on whether or not the single plates (1) are adhered to each other is not significantly affected.
[問題を解決するための手段] 木理方向を同一にして複数枚並列に配設したのみの単板
[Means for Solving the Problem] A single plate in which a plurality of sheets are arranged in parallel with the same grain direction.
(1) On the back side, a plurality of sound sticks are orthogonal to the grain direction of the veneer (1).
(2) was adhered at a predetermined interval.
[実施例] 響板は第1図のように木目方向に長い響板1を横になら
[Example] As for the soundboard, as shown in FIG. 1, soundboards 1 which are long in the wood grain direction are arranged side by side, and sound sticks 2 are arranged so as to intersect in the wood grain direction.
Although ~ 17 pieces are bonded together, in the present invention, the sound boards 1 are not bonded (horizontal perforation), and only the sound sticks are used to reinforce the sound boards.
In the present invention, the soundboards are not scrambled, and the soundboards are used to reinforce the soundboards and make the anisotropy of vibration propagation uniform. Although the soundboard of the grand piano is shown in the drawing, the same applies to the soundboard of the upright piano.
[考案の効果] 響板の横矧ぎを行なわず響棒により響板間の補強をする
[Effects of the Invention] By reinforcing the space between the soundboards with a soundbar without performing horizontal crosscutting of the soundboards, it is possible to prevent soundboard cracks in cold regions and to construct a soundboard with excellent acoustic properties.
【図面の簡単な説明】[Brief description of drawings]
図。 1…響板、2…響棒 3…響板
Fig. 1 is a back view of a soundboard with sound sticks attached. FIG. 2 is a diagram showing examples of vibration modes when the sound stick is not bonded (a) and when the sound stick is bonded (b). 1 ... Soundboard, 2 ... Soundbar 3 ... Soundboard

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  1. 【請求項1】木理方向を同一にして複数枚並列に配設し
    Claims: 1. A plurality of sound sticks (2) are provided on the back surface of a veneer (1) which is arranged in parallel with the same grain direction and orthogonal to the grain direction of the veneer (1). A soundboard (3) for a piano characterized in that the two are bonded at a predetermined interval.
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