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Truck for both cable and fixed track


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PURPOSE:To provide flexibility in the selection of lines due to the possibility of traveling at a curved part, enable mass transportation among many stations, reduce a construction cost by a large amount, and the like by installing a station, a turnout, the curved part of a line, and the like at a fixed track part. CONSTITUTION:Wheels 4 for a fixed track are used at the time of traveling on the fixed track. In the case of the wheels being tires, the track is provided with guide plates 10, and a truck is provided with guide wheels. Curve travel and branching can be performed by the fixed track and the fixed track wheels 4. Motive power at the time of traveling on the fixed track is furnished through a ground primary linear motor, a chain, a towing cable exclusive for the fixed track part, and the like, or by self-traveling. When the speed of a vehicle or a carrier accelerated by this motive power becomes the same speed as the towing cable in constant travel, the towing cable is qripped by a cable gripper installed on the vehicle or carrier, and the vehicle or carrier is towed by the cable and moved onto cables from the fixed track so as to travel on the cables.


【発明の詳細な説明】Detailed Description of the Invention


BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention uses a rope as a support line for a railroad between stations, and a vehicle or a carrier travels by suspending it from the railway station.
The curve section relates to a transportation system that runs on a fixed track.


【従来の技術】 前項の如き走行を行う交通システムと
2. Description of the Related Art As a transportation system for traveling as described in the preceding paragraph, there are an automatic circulation type ropeway, a suspension type monorail and a ropeway. The self-circulating cableway is used both as a towline and a stanchion. The suspension monorail has steel tracks over the entire line. The ropeway has straight lines, and there are no curved sections.


点がある。 (イ)自動循環式索道 曳索と支索が兼用であることから、搬器の容量が小であ
り、大量輸送が不可能である。 (ロ)懸垂式モノレール 全線にわたり、鋼製軌道が用いられているので建設費が
非常に高価である。 (ハ)ロープウエイ 曲線部走行が不可能であるため、路線の選定に柔軟性が
The prior art has the following drawbacks. (A) Automatic circulation type cableway Since the towing line and the supporting line are shared, the capacity of the carrier is small and mass transportation is not possible. (B) Suspended monorail Since steel tracks are used over the entire line, construction costs are extremely high. (C) Ropeway Since it is not possible to run on curved sections, there is no flexibility in selecting routes. Also, it is a point-to-point transport and cannot be transported between multiple stations.
The present invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks of the conventional transportation system, and the flexibility of selecting a route due to the fact that it is possible to travel on a curved section,
It enables mass transportation between multiple stations and a significant reduction in construction costs.


[Means for Solving the Problems] As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, the track traveling wheels and the fixed track traveling wheels are integrally installed on a bogie, and the mutual positions of the track and the bogie shown in FIGS. As a result, the vehicle or the carrier continuously runs smoothly on the fixed track and the rope.


【作 用】 固定軌道上を走行するときは、固定軌
[Operation] Use fixed track wheels when traveling on a fixed track. If the wheels are tires, provide guide plates on the tracks and guide wheels on the truck. The fixed track and wheels for the fixed track enable curved traveling and branching. The power for running on a fixed track is from a primary linear motor on the ground, a chain, a tow cable dedicated to the fixed track, or by self-propelled. When the vehicle or carrier accelerated by these powers has the same speed as the towing line that is constantly traveling, the gripping device installed on the vehicle or the carrier grips the towing line and is towed by the towing line, It moves on the rope from the fixed track and runs on the rope.



トを設置する。 (ロ)固定軌道部分の搬器底面に対応する床にリニアモ
ーターを並べる。 (ハ)固定軌道部分に進入した搬器は曳索を放索し、リ
ニアモーターにより減速し、所定の位置に停車する。 (ニ)客の乗降後、リニアモーターにより発車し、常時
る。 (ホ)端末駅においては、分岐装置を設置し、逆方向へ
の発車を行なう。 (ヘ)発車間隔は1分、1両当たり100人乗車が可能
(B) Install the reaction plate for the linear motor on the bottom of the carrier. (B) Arrange the linear motors on the floor corresponding to the bottom of the fixed track part of the carrier. (C) The carrier that has entered the fixed track part releases the tug, decelerates by the linear motor, and stops at a predetermined position. (D) After the passenger gets on and off, the vehicle is started by a linear motor, and when the speed becomes the same as the towing line that is constantly running, the towing line is gripped. It is towed by a tug and moves to the rope track, and runs on the rope track. (E) At terminal stations, a branching device will be installed to depart in the opposite direction. (F) The departure interval is 1 minute, and 100 passengers per car are possible, and the transportation amount is 6,000 passengers / h.


[Effect of the invention] The rope is several thousand yen to tens of thousands yen per m.
Steel overhead tracks and concrete elevated tracks cost millions of yen per m, which dramatically reduces construction costs.

【図面の簡単な説明】[Brief description of drawings]

【図1】 本発明にかかる実施例の横面図である。FIG. 1 is a side view of an embodiment according to the present invention.

【図2】 台車のA−A矢視図である。FIG. 2 is a view of the truck taken along the line AA.

【図3】 台車のB−B断面矢視図及び固定軌道の断面
FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the truck taken along the line BB and a cross-sectional view of the fixed track.

【図4】 索条軌道と固定軌道のX型交差の模式図、A
FIG. 4 is a schematic diagram of an X-shaped intersection between a rope track and a fixed track, A

【符号の説明】[Explanation of symbols]

1 台車枠 2 車両/台車枠連結ピン 3 索条軌道用車輪 4 固定軌道用車輪 5 転倒防止用車輪 6 案内車輪 7 索条軌道 8 車両又は搬器 9 案内輪支持金具 10 固定軌道及び案内板 11 支柱及び軌道支持金具 12 転倒防止用軌道 13 索条軌道支持ローラーの支持枠 14 索条軌道支持上部ローラー 15 索条軌道支持下部ローラー 16 索条軌道曲げローラー 1 bogie frame 2 vehicle / bogie frame connecting pin 3 wheel rail wheel 4 fixed rail wheel 5 tipping prevention wheel 6 guide wheel 7 rope rail 8 vehicle or carrier 9 guide wheel support bracket 10 fixed rail and guide plate 11 prop And track support metal fittings 12 Fall prevention track 13 Support frame for cable track support roller 14 Cable track support upper roller 15 Cable track support lower roller 16 Cable track bending roller

Claims (1)

【特許請求の範囲】[Claims] 【請求項1】 車両又は搬器の台車に、索条走行用車輪
1. A vehicle or a trolley of a carrier, in which a cable traveling wheel and a fixed track traveling wheel are integrally installed, and at a portion where the track changes from a cable track to a fixed track and from a fixed track to a cable track. Crosses the rope and the fixed track in an X shape so that the vehicle or carrier can run continuously on the track consisting of the rope and the fixed track. In the fixed track part, the station, the branch, the curved part of the route, etc. A cable / fixed track truck that is characterized by being installed.
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