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    • B60H1/00Heating, cooling or ventilating [HVAC] devices
    • B60H1/00642Control systems or circuits; Control members or indication devices for heating, cooling or ventilating devices
    • B60H1/00985Control systems or circuits characterised by display or indicating devices, e.g. voice simulators
JP57215845A 1982-12-09 1982-12-09 Expired - Lifetime JPH0478495B2 (en)

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JP57215845A JPH0478495B2 (en) 1982-12-09 1982-12-09

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JP57215845A JPH0478495B2 (en) 1982-12-09 1982-12-09

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JPS59106311A JPS59106311A (en) 1984-06-20
JPH0478495B2 true JPH0478495B2 (en) 1992-12-11



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JP57215845A Expired - Lifetime JPH0478495B2 (en) 1982-12-09 1982-12-09

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JP (1) JPH0478495B2 (en)

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