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    • G06F9/00Arrangements for program control, e.g. control units
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    • G06F9/52Program synchronisation; Mutual exclusion, e.g. by means of semaphores
JP59137061A 1983-07-01 1984-07-02 Expired - Lifetime JPH0414370B2 (ja)

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US06/510,472 US4587609A (en) 1983-07-01 1983-07-01 Lockout operation among asynchronous accessers of a shared computer system resource

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JPS6039266A JPS6039266A (en) 1985-03-01
JPH0414370B2 true JPH0414370B2 (ja) 1992-03-12



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JP59137061A Expired - Lifetime JPH0414370B2 (ja) 1983-07-01 1984-07-02

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