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    • G01C3/00Measuring distances in line of sight; Optical rangefinders


PURPOSE:To always conduct reliable observation of the distance of rear visibility, by method wherein a car height sensor for detecting the height of a camera attached to the rear of a car, is provided, and a distance measuring marker is moved synchronism with vertical movement of a video picture due to a change in a car height. CONSTITUTION:A camera 1 is attached to the rear of a car to take a picture of rear visibility. An imgae receiving device 2 restores an output signal from the camera 1 into a visible image. A synchronization separating circuit 3 separates a synchronizing signal from an image signal sent from the camera 1, and in a wave-form shaping circuit 4, horizontal and vertical synchronizing signals separated by the synchronization separating circuit 3 are provided by NOT circuits 4a and 4b, respectively, to input the signals to an IC9 for displaying letters. In which case, a car height sensor 5 is located to the rear of a car, and a detecting signal therefrom is sent to a central processor part 8 through an A-D converter 7. A signal, responding to the car height position of the camera 1, is sent to the IC9 for displaying letters by means of the central processing unit 8 to control the image signal of a distance measuring marker the IC9.
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JP19039283A JPH0347213B2 (en) 1983-10-12 1983-10-12

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