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    • G11B7/00Recording or reproducing by optical means, e.g. recording using a thermal beam of optical radiation by modifying optical properties or the physical structure, reproducing using an optical beam at lower power by sensing optical properties; Record carriers therefor
    • G11B7/08Disposition or mounting of heads or light sources relatively to record carriers
JP16124183U 1982-10-19 1983-10-18 Granted JPH0142863Y2 (ja)

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NL8204023A NL8204023A (nl) 1982-10-19 1982-10-19 Inrichting voor het optisch uitlezen en/of inschrijven van informatie.

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JPS5974565U JPS5974565U (ja) 1984-05-21
JPH0142863Y2 true JPH0142863Y2 (ja) 1989-12-13



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JP16124183U Granted JPH0142863Y2 (ja) 1982-10-19 1983-10-18

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