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Herbicide composition


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PURPOSE: To provide a herbicide composition containing a novel compound and paraquat as active components, exhibiting excellent herbicidal effect by synergistic action and effective in decreasing the consumption of paraquat, prolonging the weed suppressing period at a low rate of application and reducing the application frequency of the herbicide.
CONSTITUTION: The objective composition contains (A) one or more compounds selected from 2-nitro-5-(substituted-pyridyloxy)benzohydroximic acid derivatives of formula I (R and R1 are lower alkyl; R2 is H, R or R1; X is H or halogen) (novel compound) and (B) paraquat (1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium dichloride) as active components. The amount of the compound of formula I is ≥0.5 pts.wt. per 1 pt.wt. of paraquat. The compound of formula I can be produced e.g., by converting a compound of formula II into an acid chloride with SOCl2, etc., reacting with a compound of formula V and reacting the resultant compound of formula II with an alkylation agent of formula V(X' is halogen, etc.). The agent is useful as a non-selective herbicide for foliar treatment.
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JP4175188A JPH01216902A (en) 1988-02-24 1988-02-24 Herbicide composition

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JP4175188A JPH01216902A (en) 1988-02-24 1988-02-24 Herbicide composition
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JP4175188A Granted JPH01216902A (en) 1988-02-24 1988-02-24 Herbicide composition

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