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In conventional air conditioning systems with dehumidification cooling using a single coil, when moisture is satisfied, it is too cold. Referring to the air diagram of FIG. 1, if the moisture is to be removed up to the designed absolute humidity (one-dot chain line), the blown air SA of the air conditioner must be cooled to about 14 ° C. For this reason, if it is going to adjust to the blowing air cooling temperature of about 16 degreeC, it must reheat and it does not save energy.
Moreover, when trying to adjust humidity and temperature with an energy saving system with a single coil air conditioning system, for example, as shown in Patent Document 1, there is a problem that a complicated system is required.
The outside air damper 111, the first two-way valve (MV1) 61, the second two-way valve (MV2) 62, the fan 4 and the like are controlled by the air conditioning control device 9, but the air conditioning control device 9 includes the second chamber 74. the return air temperature and humidity detector 92 provided in the vicinity of the air inlet 43 of the temperature and humidity detector 91 and the fan 4 in the vicinity of the inlet 742 of the RA22 are arranged, air suitable temperature and humidity by these detected values Conditioned air is supplied.
Above, if has been described during summer cooling, during winter heating, high warm water introduced into the inlet pipe 311 and the intermediate pipe 31 3 to the first coil 31 and second coil 32, winter the humidity is insufficient Therefore, the temperature and humidity are adjusted to be moderately humidified on the second chamber 74 side while being controlled by the humidifying electromagnetic valve 82 of the humidifier 8 contrary to the cooling.
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