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Game balls are stored in a ball tray arranged on the front frame, and a predetermined number of game balls are taken as one unit from the ball plate through the ball inlet according to the number of bets selected by the player, and started. In a gaming machine that performs a variable display game based on an operation of a lever and discharges a game ball as a prize ball when a prize mode is formed on an active line corresponding to the number of bets,
The ball tray includes a ball storage unit that stores game balls, and a ball alignment unit that aligns the game balls flowing down from the ball storage unit to the ball intake port,
The start lever is
An operation unit that is arranged in a state of protruding in front of the ball storage unit of the ball tray and can be operated by the player,
A shaft portion extending from the operation portion toward the lower side of the ball storage portion;
A rotating shaft that pivotally supports the middle of the shaft portion and allows the operation portion to move up and down;
Vibrating means for vibrating the ball dish is provided around the ball dish ,
The vibration means includes a link portion connected to the rotation shaft of the start lever, a knock portion provided in a state of protruding upward at an end portion of the link portion, and capable of striking the bottom rear surface of the ball tray With
Based on the operation of the start lever , the link portion rotates around the rotation axis, the knock portion rises, and collides with the bottom rear surface of the ball tray to vibrate the ball tray. To play.
前記ノック部の先端および/または前記球皿のうちノック部の先端に対向する箇所に緩衝部材を設けたことを特徴とする請求項1に記載の遊技機。The gaming machine according to claim 1, wherein a buffer member is provided at a position of the tip of the knock portion and / or the tip of the knock plate facing the tip of the knock portion. 前記スタートレバーの軸部の先端には、球貯留部の底部裏面へ衝接可能な球貯留ノック部を備え、At the tip of the shaft portion of the start lever is provided with a ball storage knock portion that can come into contact with the bottom rear surface of the ball storage portion,
前記スタートレバーの操作に基づいて、球貯留ノック部が球貯留部の底部裏面に衝突して球貯留部を振動させるように構成されたことを特徴とする請求項1に記載の遊技機。  2. The gaming machine according to claim 1, wherein the ball storage knock portion collides with a bottom rear surface of the ball storage portion and vibrates the ball storage portion based on an operation of the start lever.
前記球貯留ノック部の先端および/または前記球皿のうち球貯留ノック部の先端に対向する箇所に緩衝部材を設けたことを特徴とする請求項3に記載の遊技機。 The gaming machine according to claim 3, characterized in that a cushioning member at a location opposite the tip of the ball reservoir knock part of the tip and / or the ball dish the ball reservoir knock part.
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