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<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a material for cleaning and modifying soil, which cleans contaminated soil and modifies agricultural soil, raises good seedlings of field crop and cultivates a field crop in a high yield only by spraying the material on contaminated soil or agricultural soil or mixing the soil with the material, and to provide a method for producing the same. <P>SOLUTION: The material for cleaning and modifying soil is obtained by mixing separated and bred actinomycetes of the genus Actinoplanus with an organic nutrient of 10-100 times as much as the actinomycetes, adding water to 50-65% water content, proliferating and fermenting the mixture, mixing the proliferated actinomycetes in its steady state with 40-75 wt.% of an air permeation and water permeation promoter, further fully fermenting the mixture, naturally drying the fermented material, and comprises the organic nutrient mixed and kneaded with an activity promoter in a dry powder state in an amount of 1-10% based on the total amount. The method for producing the same is provided. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI


本発明は化学物質に汚染された土壌の浄化、或いは化学肥料や農薬で低下した地力の回復並びに病害虫の防除も可能な、土壌の浄化並びに改質材及びその製造方法に関するものである。  The present invention relates to a soil purification and reforming material capable of purifying soil contaminated with a chemical substance, recovering geological strength reduced by chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, and controlling pests, and a method for producing the same.

我が国では産業の拡大と特には化学工業の発達とにより著しい経済成長を遂げてきたものの、他方においては多量の煤煙や廃水がなされ且廃棄物の廃棄もなされ続けられてきており、とりわけ多量の化学品や合成化学品の使用に伴う排出や廃棄により、大気や水はもとより土壌にまで亘り環境全体が極度に汚染され、而も廃棄物の焼却処理においても多量のダイオキシン類が発生し且これらが摂取蓄積される結果既に各地において健康被害が頻発している。  Although Japan has achieved remarkable economic growth due to the expansion of industry and especially the development of the chemical industry, on the other hand, a large amount of smoke and wastewater has been made and waste has been continuously discarded. As a result of emissions and disposal associated with the use of products and synthetic chemicals, the entire environment, including air and water as well as soil, is extremely polluted, and a large amount of dioxins are generated in incineration of waste. As a result of ingestion and accumulation, health damage has already occurred frequently in various places.

そして土壌においては一旦化学物質等で汚染されると、大気や水と異なり自然の浄化作用が働かぬため蓄積が増長され、この結果地下水汚染も惹起されて環境汚染が著しく拡大化されるため、土壌汚染の浄化は社会的に緊急な課題とされ既に立法措置も講ぜられるに至っている。  And once the soil is contaminated with chemicals, the natural purification action does not work unlike the air and water, so the accumulation is increased. As a result, groundwater contamination is also caused and the environmental pollution is significantly expanded. The purification of soil contamination is a socially urgent issue and legislative measures have already been taken.

ところで現状における汚染土壌の浄化方法としては、汚染された土壌を掘削搬出させ未汚染土壌で埋戻す埋戻し工法を初め、汚染された土壌を掘削し一旦郊外の高温焼成や化学処理の可能な処理場所まで搬送して浄化処理を施し再び埋戻す搬送処理法、汚染土壌にボーリングで地下水面より上の不飽和帯に吸引井戸を設置し、真空ポンプやブロワーで減圧し汚染物蒸気を吸引したうえ、活性炭で吸着させて除去し若しくは紫外線で分解させる土壌ガス吸引法、複数の円注状のボーリングをなしたうえ土壌中に特殊セメント等の不溶化固化剤を注入する不溶固化法、鉱物類により六価クロムの還元安定化処理法や還元剤として硫酸第一鉄を用いて六価クロムを還元不溶化処理後にベントナイトを用いて土壌改良する還元処理法、或いは土壌中に電極を挿入しイオン性の汚染物質を移動後分解する電気的分離法等が公知されている。  By the way, the current methods for remediating contaminated soil include excavation and removal of contaminated soil and backfilling with uncontaminated soil, excavation of contaminated soil, and temporary high-temperature firing and chemical treatment in the suburbs. A transportation treatment method that transports to a place, purifies, and backfills again, installs a suction well in the unsaturated zone above the groundwater surface by boring the contaminated soil, and depressurizes with a vacuum pump or blower to suck the contaminant vapor. Soil gas suction method that is adsorbed with activated carbon to be removed or decomposed with ultraviolet rays, insolubilization method in which insolubilization solidifying agent such as special cement is injected into the soil after injecting multiple circular injections, and six minerals Reduction reduction treatment method of hexavalent chromium using ferrous sulfate as a reducing agent, reduction treatment method of improving soil with bentonite after reduction insolubilization treatment with ferrous sulfate, or in soil Inserted after movement degrade electrical isolation method or the like ionic contaminants poles are known.

然るにこれら公知方法は実施に際して工事規模が極めておおがかりとなるばかりか、高度の専門技術と特殊装置も要請され浄化のための費用が膨大となるばかりか、仮令浄化対象範囲内の浄化を図ったとしても、地下水が自在に浸透移動するため隣接する汚染土壌の汚染物質で容易に且短時間に汚染される所謂もらい汚染が発生するため、公知手段では実質的に浄化がなされぬ問題を抱えている。  However, the implementation of these known methods is not only very expensive, but also requires advanced specialized technology and special equipment, which increases the cost of purification, and purifies within the scope of provisional purification. However, since the groundwater freely penetrates and moves, so-called stagnation occurs easily and in a short time with pollutants in the adjacent contaminated soil, so that there is a problem that the known means is not substantially purified. Yes.

更に農業用土壌においても、従来より促成栽培による高収益化を図るうえからハウスや温室或いはトンネル等の施設と且化成肥料が積極的に使用されて来たものの、かかる施設内の栽培では降雨による洗脱がなく、これがため施肥した化成肥料が過剰塩となって土中に堆積し、これにより気根への酸素供給が阻害され育成農作物が疲弱化し、且該施設内は外気と遮断されて温暖なため病害虫が増殖し易く、従って疲弱化した育成農作物がこれら病害虫により罹病し或いは食害されるため、多量の農薬散布まで強いられ生産収率の低下ばかりか安全性も危惧される結果となっている。  Furthermore, in agricultural soils, facilities such as houses, greenhouses, and tunnels and chemical fertilizers have been actively used to increase profits through forcing cultivation. There is no washing out, so the fertilizer that has been fertilized is accumulated in the soil as excess salt, which inhibits the oxygen supply to the air roots and makes the cultivated crops become exhausted, and the facility is warmed by being shut off from the outside air For this reason, pests are easy to grow, and therefore, the cultivated crops that have become exhausted are affected or eaten by these pests, resulting in forced application of a large amount of pesticides, resulting in a decline in production yield as well as safety concerns. .

これがため近年に至っては有機肥料と無農薬栽培が指向されるに至ったため、畜産類や魚介類の解体残滓や農作物残滓、生ゴミ類等を好気性菌により発酵分解させた有機肥料が採用されるに至っているが、これら有機肥料は農作物への栄養分補給を有機化したものに過ぎず、農業用土壌における農薬汚染の浄化や化成肥料により招来された過剰塩の分解等土壌の改質作用を保持せず、而も従来の有機肥料は多種多様な残滓や残片等を用いるため成分変動が激しく、従って発酵分解後に新たに成分調整をなさねばならぬ等コスト的に割高となる問題をも内在している。  Therefore, in recent years, organic fertilizers and pesticide-free cultivation have been oriented, and organic fertilizers that have been fermented and decomposed with aerobic bacteria such as demolition residues of livestock and seafood, agricultural crop residues, and garbage are adopted. However, these organic fertilizers are only organic nutrient supplements to agricultural crops, and they have soil remediation actions such as purification of agricultural chemical contamination in agricultural soil and decomposition of excess salts caused by chemical fertilizers. However, conventional organic fertilizers use a wide variety of residues and fragments, so the component fluctuations are severe, so there is an inherent problem that the components must be adjusted after fermentation and decomposition, resulting in higher costs. doing.

As a result of intensive studies in view of such circumstances, the inventors have made a three-phase soil composition for the healthy growth of crops, that is, solid phase, liquid phase, and gas phase. In addition, it is desirable that the ratio of the organic substance is approximately 12%, the ratio of the soil solution as the liquid phase is approximately 15 to 35%, and the ratio of the soil air as the gas phase is 15 to 35%, and the soil solution is 15%. Below that, the crops will wilt, and in order for the crops to grow and become healthy seedlings, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient oxygen supply to the aerial part, so-called air permeability.
As a result, simply applying organic fertilizer to agricultural soil does not lead to the formation and reformation of preferable three-phase soil of agricultural products, and does not solve soil contamination including general soil.

そこでかかる液相や気相を形成促進する素材として、土壌と同化しえ且透気透水性を保持させるうえから、無機多孔質粉体特には比表面積が大きく且触媒作用と強い塩基置換性も保持する人工ゼオライト粉体からなる透気透水促進材を用いることにより所要の液相や気相を形成しえ、更には土壌汚染に係る化学物質やガスを吸着固定若しくは吸着分解しえること、及び発酵分解に使用する菌体としてはアクチノプラナス属放線菌が有機物の発酵分解性に著しく優れるとともに使用安全性も高く、而も増殖に際して有機物や無機物の分解促進物質或いは病害虫に対しての防除物質たる二次代謝産物を生成しうることを究明し本発明に至った。  Therefore, as a material that promotes the formation of such a liquid phase or gas phase, it can be assimilated with soil and maintain air permeability and water permeability. In addition, it has a large specific surface area, and has a large catalytic activity and strong base substitution. By using an air permeation promoter made of retained artificial zeolite powder, the required liquid phase or gas phase can be formed, and further, chemical substances and gases related to soil contamination can be adsorbed, fixed or decomposed, and Actinoplanus actinomycetes are excellent in fermentative degradability of organic substances and are also safe to use as fungal cells for fermentation decomposition, and they are organic or inorganic degradation promoting substances or pest control substances during growth. The present inventors have determined that a secondary metabolite can be generated and have arrived at the present invention.

本発明は汚染土壌や農業用土壌に散布させ若しくは混合させるのみで、汚染物質の吸着固定若しくは吸着分解による浄化と、有機肥料の供給並びに土壌の改質を図り、農作物の健苗育成と高収率栽培を可能とする土壌の浄化並びに改質材とその製造方法を提供することにある。  The present invention is merely sprayed or mixed with contaminated soil or agricultural soil, purifies the pollutants by adsorption fixation or adsorption decomposition, supplies organic fertilizers, and improves the soil. An object of the present invention is to provide a soil purification and reforming material that enables rate cultivation, and a method for producing the same.

上述の課題を解決するために本発明が用いた技術的手段は、分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌を牛糞や豚糞、鶏糞等の糞類を初め糠、麩、おから等の穀皮類或いは魚粉等の有機栄養材とともに加水のうえ増殖発酵させ、二次代謝産物を生成させて増殖放線菌となしたるうえ、この増殖放線菌が45乃至75%重量割合に対して農作物の健苗育成に望まれる液相及び気相の形成保持のため、土壌と同化しえる無機多孔質粉体からなる透気透水促進材が20乃至45%重量割合で混合し、且土壌に散布され若しくは混合された増殖放線菌の再増殖を促進させるため、有機栄養材を乾燥粉体となした活性促進材が1乃至10%重量割合で配合混練されてなる、土壌の浄化並びに改質材の構成に存するものであり、更には透気透水促進材に人工ゼオライト粉体が使用される構成、及び活性促進材が魚粉からなる構成に存する。  The technical means used by the present invention in order to solve the above-mentioned problems is that the actinoplanus actinomycetes that have been separated and bred are used as cereals such as cow dung, pig dung, chicken dung, etc. It is fermented and fermented together with organic nutrients such as fish or fish meal to produce secondary metabolites to become proliferating actinomycetes, and the proliferating actinomycetes are 45 to 75% by weight of healthy crops. In order to maintain the formation of the liquid phase and gas phase desired for seedling growth, an air permeation promoting material composed of an inorganic porous powder that can be assimilated with soil is mixed in a proportion of 20 to 45% by weight and sprayed on the soil. In order to promote the re-growth of the mixed growth actinomycetes, an activity promoter made of organic nutrients in dry powder is blended and kneaded in a proportion of 1 to 10% by weight. In addition, it is a Structure zeolite powder is used, and resides in the configuration activity promoting material consists of fish meal.

そしてかかる土壌の浄化並びに改質材を製造する手段としては、分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌を増殖発酵させて二次代謝産物を生成させた増殖放線菌となすために、有機栄養材として牛糞や豚糞、鶏糞等の糞類を初め糠や麩、おから等の穀皮類、或いは魚粉等を増殖させる菌種や増殖条件に従って単独で若しくは適宜に組合せのうえ、アクチノプラナス属放線菌量に対して略10乃至100倍の重量割合で混合のうえ加水せしめて増殖発酵させ、二次代謝産物の生成がなされる定常状態において、該増殖放線菌量に対して略40乃至75%重量割合の無機多孔質粉体からなる透気透水促進材を混合して完熟発酵と且自然乾燥を施し、而して糞類や穀皮類或いは魚粉等の有機栄養材を乾燥粉体となした活性促進材が全体量に対して1乃至10%重量割合となるよう配合混練させる構成からなる、土壌の浄化並びに改質材の製造方法に存するものである。  And as a means for producing such soil purification and reforming material, in order to produce a growth actinomycetes that produced a secondary metabolite by breeding and fermenting Actinoplanas sp. Actinoplanus genus actinomycetes singly or appropriately in combination according to the bacterial species and growth conditions for growing feces such as cow dung, swine dung, chicken dung, etc. In a steady state where the mixture is added and mixed with water at a weight ratio of about 10 to 100 times the amount and then proliferated and fermented to produce secondary metabolites, the amount of the active actinomycetes is about 40 to 75% by weight. Permeability / permeability facilitating material consisting of a proportion of inorganic porous powder was mixed and fully fermented and naturally dried, so that organic nutrients such as feces, cereals or fish meal became dry powder. Activity promoter is based on the total amount Or consisting of construction of mixing and kneading so as to be 10% by weight ratio, in which resides in the production method of purifying and modifier soil.

更には増殖発酵させた増殖放線菌を無機多孔質の透気透水促進材に十分且強固に担持させるうえから、分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌量に対して略10乃至100倍重量の有機栄養材と、且無機多孔質粉体の透気透水促進材を略2乃至45倍重量とを混合のうえ加水せしめて増殖発酵させたうえ、完熟発酵と且自然乾燥をなし而してこの全体量に対して有機栄養材を乾燥粉体とさせた活性促進材を略1乃至10%重量割合で配合混練させる、土壌の浄化並びに改質材の製造方法に存する。  Furthermore, in order to sufficiently and firmly support the growth-fermented growth actinomycetes on the inorganic porous air permeation promoting material, the organic matter is approximately 10 to 100 times the weight of the actinoplanar actinomycetes separated and bred. After mixing the nutrient material and the air permeation promoting material of inorganic porous powder with about 2 to 45 times weight and adding water, it is fermented and fermented, and it is fully matured and naturally dried. It exists in the manufacturing method of the purification | cleaning of a soil, and the modification | reformation material which mix | blends and knead | mixes the activity promotion material which made the organic nutrient material the dry powder with respect to the quantity in about 1 to 10% weight ratio.

The present invention is configured as described above, and the bacterial species used is Actinoplanus genus actinomycetes. Therefore, the growth fermentation is remarkably promoted by the presence of organic nutrients, and a large amount of growth actinomycetes are produced in a short time. In addition to being able to produce, in the steady state of growth fermentation, a large amount of secondary metabolites such as organic and inorganic degradation promoting substances and pest control substances are also produced.
And the air permeation facilitating material made of inorganic porous powder is blended in a proportion of 20 to 45% by weight with respect to the weight of the breeding actinomycetes, and it is applied to the contaminated soil or agricultural soil to carry out secondary growth fermentation. In order to promote, the active promoter made of organic nutrients and made into dry powder is blended and kneaded at 1 to 10% by weight, so that the spread or mixed growth actinomycets nourish the activity promoter. It is proliferated and fermented as a source, and again produces secondary metabolites that are organic and inorganic decomposition promoting substances. Therefore, contaminated chemicals are significantly decomposed and eliminated in contaminated soil, and artificial zeolite is used as a material for promoting air and water permeability. When combined, the physical adsorption property of the artificial zeolite due to the enormous specific surface area is combined with the electrochemical adsorption and decomposability due to the essentially retained catalytic action and strong base substitution property. Purification is achieved.

Furthermore, when the soil of the present invention is purified and sprayed or mixed with the agricultural soil, the organic matter in the soil is actively decomposed due to the excellent fermentative degradability of Actinoplanas actinomycetes. In addition to being supplied as a fertilizer source, pest control substances are produced as secondary metabolites, enabling pesticide-free cultivation, and organic and inorganic degradation promoting substances produced as secondary metabolites can cause salt damage. Can be significantly reduced.
In addition, the air permeation promoting material blended and kneaded is composed of an inorganic porous material, so that the soil strength associated with soil modification is combined with its shape retention and water permeability and air permeability. As a result, the crops are healthy seedlings and can be cultivated with a high production yield.

分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌を有機栄養材と加水により増殖発酵させ且二次代謝産物を生成せしめて増殖放線菌となし、この増殖放線菌量に対して45乃至75%重量割合となるよう無機多孔質粉体からなる透気透水促進材を混合して完熟発酵及び自然乾燥させ、而して有機栄養材からなる乾燥粉体状の活性促進材が全体量に対して1乃至10%重量割合となるよう配合混練された、土壌の浄化並びに改質材及びその製造方法。  The isolated and bred Actinoplanus actinomycetes are proliferated and fermented with organic nutrients and water, and secondary metabolites are produced to produce proliferating actinomycetes, and the weight ratio is 45 to 75% with respect to the amount of these proliferating actinomycetes. The air permeability / permeation promoter made of inorganic porous powder is mixed and fully fermented and naturally dried, and the dry powder-like activity promoter made of organic nutrient is 1 to 10% of the total amount. A soil purification and reforming material blended and kneaded to a weight ratio and a method for producing the same.

以下に本発明を製造方法により詳細に説明すれば、図1は本発明土壌の浄化並びに改質材の製造方法の工程説明図であって、本発明土壌の浄化並びに改質材11は汚染土壌に散布若しくは混合し、その発酵分解性及び二次代謝産物5の有機物及び無機物の分解性を活用して汚染化学物質や汚染ガス等を分解消去させ若しくは包着固定させて不溶化を図り、更には農業用土壌に散布若しくは混合使用してその発酵分解性により有機物を積極的に分解させて農作物への有効肥料として供給させ、更には二次代謝産物5としての病害虫防除物質を活用して無農薬栽培を実現させること、並びに農作物を健苗且高生産収率で栽培可能せしむることにある。  In the following, the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the production method. FIG. 1 is a process explanatory diagram of the soil purification and reformer production method of the present invention, and the soil purification and reformer 11 of the present invention is contaminated soil. It is sprayed or mixed to make it insoluble by decomposing or eradicating pollutant chemicals or pollutant gases by using the fermentative degradability and the degradability of organic and inorganic substances of secondary metabolite 5 It is sprayed or mixed on agricultural soil, and organic matter is actively decomposed by its fermentative degradability to supply it as an effective fertilizer to agricultural crops. Furthermore, it uses pest control substances as secondary metabolites 5 and is pesticide-free. It is to realize cultivation and to make it possible to cultivate crops with healthy seedlings and high production yield.

そして該アクチノプラナス属放線菌1は現在10種程の品種が解明されており、具体的使用目的によっては使い分けがなされるもので、発酵分解性に優れる具体的放線菌種としてはアクチノプラナス ストレインMB−SE50(1)、アクチノプラナス ストレインMB−SE50(2)、アクチノプラナス レグラリス、アクチノプラナス レグラリス サブスプSANK66080、アクチノプラナス フィリピネシスSANK61681、或いはアクチノプラナス アワジネンシス サブスプ等が挙げられ、この内二次代謝産物に病害虫防除物質を生成する菌種としては、アクチノプラナス レグラリス サブスプSANK66080や、アクチノプラナス フィリピネシスSANK61681、及びアクチノプラナス アクジネンシス サブスプ等が挙げられる。
Therefore, Actinoplanus actinomycetes 1 is selected as a cell body capable of producing an organic or inorganic degradable substance or a pest control substance as a secondary metabolite 5 associated with growth fermentation, and the Actinoplanus genus is selected. Actinomycetes 1 are naturally separated from the soil fungi and bred.
As for the Actinoplanus genus Actinomycetes 1, about 10 varieties have been elucidated and can be selected depending on the specific purpose of use. As a specific actinomycete species excellent in fermentative degradability, Actinoplanus strain MB -SE50 (1), Actinoplanus strain MB-SE50 (2), Actinoplanus reglaris, Actinoplanus reglaris subsp. Examples of the fungal species that produce the control substance include Actinoplanus reglaris subsp. SANK66080, Actinoplanus filipinesis SANK61681, and Actinoplanus actininsis subsp. Can be mentioned.

Thus, the actinoplanus actinomycetes 1 selected according to the purpose of use is mixed with an organic nutrient 2 as shown in FIG.
As this organic nutrient 2, feces such as cow dung, pork dung, chicken dung, etc., cereals such as salmon, salmon, okara, etc., fish meal, etc. are extremely good. Actinomycetes are particularly proliferative and fermentable to animal organic matter. Therefore, even when using temporary cereals, it is desirable that feces or fish meal be blended in at least 50% by weight or more, preferably about 70 to 80% by weight.

加えてアクチノプラナス放線菌1に対する有機栄養材2の混合割合は、具体的菌種並びに菌体が生菌や乾燥菌によっても異なるが、菌種がアクチノプラナス ストレインMB−SE50(1)やアクチノプラナス ストレインMB−SE50(2)の乾燥菌の場合には、該菌量に対して略10乃至20倍重量の有機栄養材2が望ましい。
In addition, the mixing ratio of the organic nutrient 2 to Actinoplanus actinomycetes 1 varies depending on whether the specific bacterial species and the cells are viable or dry, but the species is Actinoplanus strain MB-SE50 (1) or Actinoplanus. In the case of dry strains of strain MB-SE50 (2), the organic nutrient material 2 having a weight of about 10 to 20 times the amount of the bacteria is desirable.
In addition, the organic nutrient 2 is mixed with the actinoplanus actinomycetes 1 in the required weight ratio, and then the water 3 is added for growth fermentation. The amount of water in this case also depends on the temperature and humidity environment for the growth fermentation. Or, depending on the moisture content of the organic nutrient 2, etc., and also depending on the living bacteria and the dried bacteria, when the dried bacteria are used in an environment with an average temperature of 20 ° C. and an average humidity of 60%, the overall moisture content is approximately What is necessary is just to make it hydrolyze in 50 to 60% and to carry out growth fermentation in 1 A of 1st fermenters.

Naturally, the growth fermentation follows the course from the induction phase to the logarithmic growth phase to the stationary phase, and in this stationary phase, the secondary metabolite 5 is generated as shown in FIG.
When the contaminated soil is purified, the proliferating actinomycetes 10 thus proliferated are organic and inorganic degradable substances as secondary metabolites of the proliferating actinomycetes 10 and have a large specific surface area and physical adsorption and catalytic action. It is advisable to purify by utilizing the electrochemical decomposition and extinction properties due to strong base substitution, and to reduce the salt damage and promote air permeability in agricultural soil to restore the geological power. Further, the air permeation promoting material 4 made of natural zeolite or especially artificial zeolite powder as the inorganic porous powder is mixed so as to be 20 to 45% by weight with respect to 45 to 75% by weight of the growth actinomycetes 10. In addition, the fully fermented fermentation is performed in the second fermenter 1B. This complete ripe fermentation is a preliminary process for complete decomposition in the case where an undegraded product of the organic nutrient 2 remains in the growth actinomycetes 10. In such a case, an artificial zeolite having a specific surface area of at least 80 m 2 / g or more and a base substitution capacity (meq / 100 g) of 250 mg or more is desired, and the particle size is about 30 to 300 μm. Convenient for assimilation with soil.

そして十分に増殖発酵がなされ、且透気透水促進材4が混合されたうえは自然乾燥1Cが施されるもので、当然に該自然乾燥1Cは長期保存性とともに軽量化に伴う取扱性の向上を図ることにある。この自然乾燥1Cは特段に制約は無く、一般的には広面積のシート上に拡散させて乾燥させることがなされるが、生産性を向上させるためには強制風乾も考慮される。  And, after sufficiently fermented and fermented, and the air permeation promoting material 4 is mixed, naturally dried 1C is applied. Naturally, the naturally dried 1C has improved long-term storage and handling with lightening. Is to plan. The natural drying 1C is not particularly limited and is generally diffused and dried on a sheet having a large area, but forced air drying is also considered in order to improve productivity.

Thus, the naturally-dried growth actinomycetes 10 can be sprayed or mixed on contaminated soil, or sprayed or mixed on agricultural soil to purify by decomposing pollutants, or to improve the soil power by modifying agricultural soil. In order to recover, as a nutrient source for promoting secondary growth fermentation of the growth actinomycetes 10, the activity promoting material 5 in which the organic nutrient material 2 is a dry powder is 1 to 10% by weight based on the total weight. The soil is purified and the reforming material 11 is formed as shown in FIG.
In this case, the activity promoting material 5 is a material in which Actinoplanus actinomycetes 1 exhibits excellent fermentative degradability to animal organic matter, and therefore, preferably, fish meal is suitable as the organic nutrient material 2.

On the other hand, when purifying the soil of the present invention and spraying or mixing the modifier 11 on the contaminated soil, or spraying or mixing the soil with agricultural soil to restore the geological power and pest control by the reforming, Although the entire agricultural soil covers a large area, the necessary range of pollution purification or the need for restoration of geopower by reforming is limited by itself, so this limited range is intensively and effectively purified or restored. It is economical to plan.
However, contaminated soil and agricultural soil are often open systems. Therefore, even when the soil of the present invention is purified and the modifier 11 is sprayed or mixed for secondary growth fermentation, the growth actinomycetes are washed away by rainfall. Alternatively, it may be scattered by a strong wind or the like, and there is a risk that the desired purification of the purified soil portion or the modified soil portion may be hampered by the effective purification or modification of the soil strength and pest control.

これがためには無機多孔質粉体からなる透気透水促進材4を担体として、増殖放線菌10を該透気透水促進材4の膨大数に昇る多孔空隙内に多量且強固に担持させることにより、降雨による洗脱や強風による飛散が防止されて、浄化機能や改質機能を発揮させることが可能となる。  For this purpose, the air permeation promoting material 4 made of an inorganic porous powder is used as a carrier, and the growth actinomycetes 10 are supported in a large amount and firmly in a large number of pores in the air permeation permeation promoting material 4. In addition, washing and washing due to rain and scattering due to strong winds are prevented, and it is possible to exert a purification function and a reforming function.

そこで図5に示すように、分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌1の増殖発酵に際して、所要重量割合のアクチノプラナス属放線菌1と有機栄養材2及び透気透水促進材4を混合のうえ加水3させて、第一発酵槽1Aにおいて増殖発酵させた増殖放線菌10並びに生成された二次代謝産物5を該透気透水促進材4の多孔空隙内に多量且強固に担持させ且第二発酵槽1Bにおいて完熟発酵させ、而して自然乾燥1Cを施したうえ有機栄養材2を乾燥粉体となした活性促進材6を、全体量に対して1乃至10%重量割合で配合混練1Dさせる製造方法により、担持による土壌の浄化並びに改質材12が生産可能となる。  Therefore, as shown in FIG. 5, in the growth fermentation of Actinoplanas actinomycetes 1 that have been separated and bred, the required weight proportion of Actinoplanus actinomycetes 1, the organic nutrient material 2 and the air permeation permeation promoter 4 are mixed and added to water. 3, the proliferating actinomycetes 10 grown and fermented in the first fermenter 1 </ b> A and the generated secondary metabolite 5 are supported in a large amount and firmly in the porous voids of the air permeation and permeation promoting material 4 and the second fermentation. In the tank 1B, the active promoter 6 having been fermented fully matured and thus subjected to natural drying 1C and the organic nutrient material 2 as a dry powder is blended and kneaded 1D in a proportion of 1 to 10% by weight based on the total amount. The manufacturing method makes it possible to purify the soil by loading and to produce the modifying material 12.

次に本発明製造方法により土壌の浄化並びに改質材11の製造実態を示せば、分離育種されたアクチノプラナス ストレインMB−SE50(2)の乾燥放線菌24kgと、鶏糞100kgに魚粉100kg及び糠40kgをブレンドした有機栄養材2の240kgとを混合のうえ全体の水分率が60%となるよう加水3し、平均気温22℃湿度55%の条件下で増殖発酵させることにより略9日間で定常状態となる。
Next, if the production method of the present invention is shown, the soil purification and the production of the reformer 11 will be described. 24 kg of the dried actinoplanus strain MB-SE50 (2), the dried actinomycetes, 100 kg of chicken manure, 100 kg of fish meal and 40 kg of salmon Steady state in about 9 days by mixing 240 kg of organic nutrient 2 blended with water and adding water 3 so that the total moisture content is 60%, and then fermenting and fermenting under conditions of an average temperature of 22 ° C and humidity of 55% It becomes.
It consists of an artificial zeolite powder having a weight ratio of approximately 50% with respect to the steady-state growth actinomycetes 10, a specific surface area of 20 m 2 / g base substitution capacity (meq / 100 g) of 80 mg, and an average particle size of 300 μm. Air permeation facilitating material 4 is mixed, further fermented for 20 days, then exposed to 1C of natural drying for 30 days, and blended with activity promoting material 6 consisting of 2% by weight of fish meal with respect to the total amount. By performing 1D, finally about 4800 kg of soil purification and reforming material 11 are produced.

本発明土壌の浄化並びに改質材は汚染土壌の浄化並びに農業用土壌の塩害の軽減や液相、気相の保持改質による地力の回復並びに病害虫の防除を可能となすばかりか、植林土壌や緑化法面或いは芝生植生土壌等にも極めて好適な浄化並びに改質材である。  The soil purification and modification material of the present invention not only enables the purification of contaminated soil, the reduction of salt damage in agricultural soil, the restoration of geological power and the control of pests by liquid phase and gas phase retention reforming, It is a purification and reforming material that is extremely suitable for greening slopes and lawn vegetation soils.

本発明製造方法の工程説明図である。  It is process explanatory drawing of this invention manufacturing method. アクチノプラナス属放線菌と有機栄養材が混合された拡大説明図である。  It is an expanded explanatory view in which Actinoplanas actinomycetes and organic nutrients are mixed. 二次代謝産物が生成された増殖放線菌の拡大説明図である。  It is expansion explanatory drawing of the growth actinomycetes with which the secondary metabolite was produced | generated. 土壌の浄化並びに改質材の拡大説明図である。  It is soil purification and expansion explanatory drawing of a modifier. 担持による土壌の浄化並びに改質材の製造方法工程説明図である。  It is soil purification by carrying | support, and manufacturing method process explanatory drawing of a modifier.

符号の説明Explanation of symbols

1 アクチノプラナス属放線菌
1A 第一発酵槽
1B 第二発酵槽
1C 自然乾燥
1D 配合混練
2 有機栄養材
3 加水
4 透気透水促進材
5 二次代謝産物
6 活性促進材
10 増殖放線菌
11 土壌の浄化並びに改質材
12 担持された土壌の浄化並びに改質材
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 Actinoplanus actinomycetes 1A 1st fermenter 1B 2nd fermenter 1C Natural drying 1D Compounding kneading 2 Organic nutrient material 3 Hydrolysis 4 Air permeability permeability promotion material 5 Secondary metabolite 6 Activity promotion material 10 Growth actinomycetes 11 of soil Purification and modification material 12 Purification and modification material of supported soil

Claims (5)

分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌を有機栄養材とともに加水し増殖発酵させた増殖放線菌が45乃至75%重量割合、無機多孔質粉体からなる透気透水促進材が20乃至45%重量割合、及び有機栄養材を乾燥粉体となした活性促進材が1乃至10%重量割合で配合混練されてなることを特徴とする土壌の浄化並びに改質材。  45-75% by weight of proliferating actinomycetes obtained by adding and propagating fermented and fermented Actinoplanas actinomycetes together with organic nutrients, 45-75% by weight, and 20-45% by weight of air permeation promoters made of inorganic porous powder And a soil purification and reforming material, characterized in that an activity promoting material obtained by drying organic nutrients into dry powder is blended and kneaded in a proportion of 1 to 10% by weight. 無機多孔質粉体からなる透気透水促進材が人工ゼオライト粉体である請求項1記載の土壌の浄化並びに改良材。  The material for purifying and improving soil according to claim 1, wherein the air-permeation / permeation promoting material comprising an inorganic porous powder is an artificial zeolite powder. 活性促進材が魚粉からなる請求項1若しくは請求項2記載の土壌の浄化並びに改質材。  The soil purification and reforming material according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the activity promoting material comprises fish meal. 分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌の重量に対し、有機栄養材を略10乃至100倍重量割合で混合のうえ水分率が50乃至65%となるよう加水させて増殖発酵し、その定常状態における該増殖放線菌重量に対して略40乃至75%重量割合の透気透水促進材を配合のうえ、更に完熟発酵を図ったうえ自然乾燥を施し、而して乾燥粉体状の活性促進材を全体量に対して1乃至10%重量割合で配合混練させることを特徴とする、土壌の浄化並びに改質材の製造方法。  With respect to the weight of Actinoplanus actinomycetes that have been separated and bred, the organic nutrients are mixed at a weight ratio of approximately 10 to 100 times and then added to a moisture content of 50 to 65%, and then proliferated and fermented. An air permeation promoter having a weight ratio of about 40 to 75% based on the weight of the proliferating actinomycetes is blended, further subjected to complete ripe fermentation, and then naturally dried, thus providing a dry powdery activity promoter. A method for purifying soil and producing a modifier, characterized by mixing and kneading at a weight ratio of 1 to 10% based on the total amount. 分離育種されたアクチノプラナス属放線菌と有機栄養材及び透気透水促進材とを混合のうえ加水して増殖発酵をなす、請求項4記載の土壌の浄化並びに改質材の製造方法。  The method for purifying soil and producing a modifier according to claim 4, wherein the isolated and bred Actinoplanus actinomycetes are mixed with organic nutrients and air permeation permeation promoters and then hydrated to effect fermentation.
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