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Product and procedure thermoelectric


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Milton Bernard Hollander
William Earl Mckinley
Michel A Macchiarelli Jr
Shahin Baghai
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Omega Engineering
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    • G01K7/00Measuring temperature based on the use of electric or magnetic elements directly sensitive to heat ; Power supply, e.g. by thermoelectric elements
    • G01K7/02Measuring temperature based on the use of electric or magnetic elements directly sensitive to heat ; Power supply, e.g. by thermoelectric elements using thermoelectric elements, e.g. thermocouples
    • G01K7/10Arrangements for compensating for auxiliary variables, e.g. length of lead
    • G01K7/12Arrangements with respect to the cold junction, e.g. preventing influence of temperature of surrounding air
    • G01K7/13Circuits for cold-junction compensation
    • G01D3/00Indicating or recording apparatus with provision for the special purposes referred to in the subgroups
    • G01D3/02Indicating or recording apparatus with provision for the special purposes referred to in the subgroups with provision for altering or correcting the law of variation
    • G01D3/022Indicating or recording apparatus with provision for the special purposes referred to in the subgroups with provision for altering or correcting the law of variation having an ideal characteristic, map or correction data stored in a digital memory
ITVI980012 1997-01-31 1998-01-29 Product and procedure thermoelectric ITVI980012A1 (en)

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US3662497P true 1997-01-31 1997-01-31
US5350797P true 1997-07-23 1997-07-23

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ITVI980012D0 true ITVI980012D0 (en) 1998-01-29
ITVI980012A1 ITVI980012A1 (en) 1999-07-29



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ITVI980012 ITVI980012A1 (en) 1997-01-31 1998-01-29 Product and procedure thermoelectric

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