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Method and device for the manufacture of paper and similar non-woven fibrous materials


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    • D21F11/00Processes for making continuous lengths of paper, or of cardboard, or of wet web for fibre board production, on paper-making machines
    • D21F11/002Processes for making continuous lengths of paper, or of cardboard, or of wet web for fibre board production, on paper-making machines by using a foamed suspension
IT6800573A 1972-04-07 1973-04-06 Method and device for the manufacture of paper and similar non-woven fibrous materials IT980789B (en)

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GB1621072A GB1395757A (en) 1972-04-07 1972-04-07 Apparatus for producing a foamed fibre dispersion
GB1534473A GB1397378A (en) 1973-03-30 1973-03-30 Manufacture of non-woven fibrous material

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IT980789B true IT980789B (en) 1974-10-10



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IT6800573A IT980789B (en) 1972-04-07 1973-04-06 Method and device for the manufacture of paper and similar non-woven fibrous materials

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