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    • G06Q10/00Administration; Management
    • G06Q10/08Logistics, e.g. warehousing, loading, distribution or shipping; Inventory or stock management, e.g. order filling, procurement or balancing against orders
    • B65G1/00Storing articles, individually or in orderly arrangement, in warehouses or magazines
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    • B65G1/137Storage devices mechanical with arrangements or automatic control means for selecting which articles are to be removed
    • B65G1/1371Storage devices mechanical with arrangements or automatic control means for selecting which articles are to be removed with data records
    • G06Q10/00Administration; Management
    • G06Q10/08Logistics, e.g. warehousing, loading, distribution or shipping; Inventory or stock management, e.g. order filling, procurement or balancing against orders
    • G06Q10/087Inventory or stock management, e.g. order filling, procurement, balancing against orders
IT1994990A 1989-04-13 1990-04-06 Equipment to optimize and control the distribution of goods IT1251520B (en)

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US07/337,598 US5038283A (en) 1989-04-13 1989-04-13 Shipping method

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IT9019949D0 true IT9019949D0 (en) 1990-04-06
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IT1994990A IT1251520B (en) 1989-04-13 1990-04-06 Equipment to optimize and control the distribution of goods

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