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A computer-controlled cordless telephone system having a base unit and a handset unit provides for increased functionality in communications between the base unit and the handset unit, and also provides a controlled power-up/power-down mode of operation for the handset unit. Increased functionality is achieved by employing a message format for control signals transmitted between the base unit and the handset unit in the form of frequency shift keyed (FSK) signals which include a data field. This data field may be in the form of either opcode data or digit data, thereby allowing for many different commands or functions. Power to a computer, a receiver and certain other selected circuitry in the handset unit is controlled to minimize power consumption when the handset unit is in an out-of-cradle-and-standby state. Power to other nonessential circuitry in the handset unit is turned completely off during this state. The handset unit automatically turns on to a full operating mode from the alternating power-up/power-down mode in response to events such as (1) a user depressing a key no the keypad of the handset unit for either initiating a telephone calls or paging the base unit, and (2) the base unit detecting an incoming ringing signal on the telephone lines.
IT19425/87A 1986-02-21 1987-02-19 Cordless Telefone controlled by computer IT1202566B (en)

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US06/831,557 US4731814A (en) 1986-02-21 1986-02-21 Computer-controlled cordless telephone

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IT8719425D0 true IT8719425D0 (en) 1987-02-19
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IT19425/87A IT1202566B (en) 1986-02-21 1987-02-19 Cordless Telefone controlled by computer

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