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Device for controlling the numerical rappresentanzione of graphic characters.


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    • G09G5/00Control arrangements or circuits for visual indicators common to cathode-ray tube indicators and other visual indicators
    • G09G5/22Control arrangements or circuits for visual indicators common to cathode-ray tube indicators and other visual indicators characterised by the display of characters or indicia using display control signals derived from coded signals representing the characters or indicia, e.g. with a character-code memory
    • G09G5/24Generation of individual character patterns
    • G09G5/246Generation of individual character patterns of ideographic or arabic-like characters
IT2261782A 1982-01-27 1982-07-28 Device for controlling the numerical rappresentanzione of graphic characters. IT1210913B (en)

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BE0/207149A BE891911A (en) 1982-01-27 1982-01-27 Digital device for controlling the graphical representation of characters

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IT8222617D0 true IT8222617D0 (en) 1982-07-28
IT1210913B IT1210913B (en) 1989-09-29



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IT2261782A IT1210913B (en) 1982-01-27 1982-07-28 Device for controlling the numerical rappresentanzione of graphic characters.

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BE (1) BE891911A (en)
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IT (1) IT1210913B (en)

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