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Control module for lighting loads and the like.


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    • H05B37/00Circuit arrangements for electric light sources in general
    • H05B37/02Controlling
    • H05B37/0209Controlling the instant of the ignition or of the extinction
    • H05B37/0245Controlling the instant of the ignition or of the extinction by remote-control involving emission and detection units
    • H05B37/0254Controlling the instant of the ignition or of the extinction by remote-control involving emission and detection units linked via data bus transmission
IT2150182A 1981-05-26 1982-05-26 Control module for lighting loads and the like IT1152774B (en)

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US06/267,328 US4425628A (en) 1981-05-26 1981-05-26 Control module for engergy management system

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IT8221501D0 true IT8221501D0 (en) 1982-05-26
IT1152774B IT1152774B (en) 1987-01-14



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IT2150182A IT1152774B (en) 1981-05-26 1982-05-26 Control module for lighting loads and the like

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