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Electron gun and cathode ray tube comprising such a cannon.


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    • H01J29/00Details of cathode-ray tubes or of electron-beam tubes of the types covered by group H01J31/00
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IT2128781A 1980-04-23 1981-04-17 and electronic tube electron gun and such rays cannon Cannon IT1135778B (en)

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NL8002343A NL8002343A (en) 1980-04-23 1980-04-23 An electron gun and cathode-ray tube comprising such an electron gun.

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IT8121287D0 true IT8121287D0 (en) 1981-04-17
IT1135778B IT1135778B (en) 1986-08-27



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IT2128781A IT1135778B (en) 1980-04-23 1981-04-17 and electronic tube electron gun and such rays cannon Cannon

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