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server complex
mobile communication
safety risk
elevated safety
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Jatavallabhula Nagavali
Nvs Prasanth
Shukla Vineet
Talloju Karthik
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Motorola Mobility Llc
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    • H04W4/00Services specially adapted for wireless communication networks; Facilities therefor
    • H04W4/90Services for handling of emergency or hazardous situations, e.g. earthquake and tsunami warning systems [ETWS]


A system includes a server complex and one or more mobile communication devices in communication with the server complex. The server complex includes one or more processors to define one or more elevated safety risk regions within a communication network. The server complex can optionally detect when a mobile communication device enters an elevated safety risk region and place the mobile communication device into an emergency mode of operation.
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US14/664,079 US10142814B2 (en) 2014-03-22 2015-03-20 Emergency communication system and methods therefor

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