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Andrew A Cheng
James J Gu
Graham A Scott
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Fluid Handling Llc
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    • F04D15/00Control, e.g. regulation, of pumps, pumping installations or systems
    • F04D15/0066Control, e.g. regulation, of pumps, pumping installations or systems by changing the speed, e.g. of the driving engine
    • G05D7/00Control of flow
    • G05D7/06Control of flow characterised by the use of electric means
    • G05D7/0617Control of flow characterised by the use of electric means specially adapted for fluid materials


Apparatus such as a pump controller features a signal processor configured at least to: receive signaling containing information about a linear set point control curve based at least partly on an adaptive set point control curve related to fluid being pumped by a pump in a pumping system and determine a control set point based at least partly on the signaling received. The signal processor may be configured to provide a control signal containing information to control the pump based on the control set point determined.
IN4206CHN2014 2011-12-16 2012-12-17 IN2014CN04206A (en)

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US201161576737P true 2011-12-16 2011-12-16
PCT/US2012/070138 WO2013090907A1 (en) 2011-12-16 2012-12-17 Dynamic linear control methods and apparatus for variable speed pump control

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IN2014CN04206A true IN2014CN04206A (en) 2015-07-17



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