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According to at least one embodiment a system for discovering configuring and monitoring automatic control devices is provided. The system includes a mobile computing device that implements a control device interface. The control device interface provides a discovery request to at least one automatic control device in data communication with a network the discovery request being encoded according to a first protocol; provides a request for identification to the at least one automatic control device the request for identification being encoded according to a second protocol; and identifies the at least one automatic control device as an automatic control device based on the response to the request for identification. In this embodiment the second protocol is an industrial protocol.
IN3766/CHENP/2014A 2011-10-24 2014-05-19 System and method for managing industrial processes IN2014CN03766A (en)

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IN3765/CHENP/2014A IN2014CN03765A (en) 2011-10-24 2014-05-19 System and method for managing industrial processes
IN3766/CHENP/2014A IN2014CN03766A (en) 2011-10-24 2014-05-19 System and method for managing industrial processes

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IN3765/CHENP/2014A IN2014CN03765A (en) 2011-10-24 2014-05-19 System and method for managing industrial processes

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