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Koen Johanna Guillaume Holtman
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Koninkl Philips Nv
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    • H04R2205/021Aspects relating to docking-station type assemblies to obtain an acoustical effect, e.g. the type of connection to external loudspeakers or housings, frequency improvement


Efficiency for mixing audio signals from one or more portable user devices in an audio system employing a number of docking station is achieved by a docking station that includes a controller for detecting the presence of an activated mixer associated with another docking station in the system. The controller activates its associated mixer when no activated mixer associated with another docking host in the system is detected. When its associated mixer is activated the controller in the one docking station causes its associated mixer to be connected both to the audio sound system for supplying an input signal thereto and indirectly to the output(s) of the one or more portable devices. Transfer of mixing from one docking station to another in the same system upon the occurrence of a particularly defined event is also described.
IN3719CHN2014 2011-11-23 2012-11-09 IN2014CN03719A (en)

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US201161563172P true 2011-11-23 2011-11-23
PCT/IB2012/056271 WO2013076611A1 (en) 2011-11-23 2012-11-09 Method and apparatus for configuration and control of mixer for audio system using wireless docking system

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