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jacobi rotation
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W Ketchum John
Rodney Walton J
Wallace Mark
J Howard Steven
Inanoglu Hakan
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Qualcomm Inc
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An apparatus comprising: at least one processor configured to initialize a first matrix to an identity matrix, to initialize a second matrix to a Hermitian matrix of complex values, to perform a plurality of iterations of Jacobi rotation on the second matrix by forming a Jacobi rotation matrix of complex values for each iteration based on the second matrix, and updating the first and second matrices for each iteration based on the Jacobi rotation matrix for the iteration, to provide the first matrix as a matrix of eigenvectors, and to provide the second matrix as a matrix of eigenvalues; and a memory coupled to the at least one processor.
IN1928DEN2012 2004-11-15 2007-11-15 IN2012DN01928A (en)

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US62832404P true 2004-11-15 2004-11-15
PCT/US2005/041783 WO2006053340A2 (en) 2004-11-15 2005-11-15 Eigenvalue decomposition and singular value decomposition of matrices using jacobi rotation

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