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Arunahalam Kaushik Ganesan
S Baskaran
Govind Joshi Dinesh
Aradhya Vinoop
Huyilalu Shivaram Mahesh
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The invention discloses an automatic method of assigning network address to a plurality of slaves connected in a master-slave network particularly in an emergency lighting installation. The automatic method assigns network address to the plurality of slaves based in one or more iterations. In an iteration, the method includes setting the plurality of slaves in commissioning mode by a master/control unit, generating a token by each of the slaves using a random number generation algorithm, determining a threshold by the master, responding by the slaves with the token matching the threshold, assigning a unique network address to the responding slave by the master in case of no collision among the slaves, increasing the threshold, and repeating the before-mentioned steps until all the slaves having token with no collision are assigned with the unique network address. The disclosed invention is simple to implement, requires no hardware change, and is scalable to any network size. The fully automatic method reduces time and manual labor significantly and eliminates error in assigning the network address in large network.
IN2818/CHE/2011A 2011-08-18 2011-08-18 Enterprize computing platform IN2011CH02818A (en)

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IN2011MA000002818 2011-08-18
IN2818/CHE/2011A IN2011CH02818A (en) 2011-08-18 2011-08-18 Enterprize computing platform

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IN2818/CHE/2011A IN2011CH02818A (en) 2011-08-18 2011-08-18 Enterprize computing platform
US13/306,903 US9513874B2 (en) 2011-08-18 2011-11-29 Enterprise computing platform with support for editing documents via logical views

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IN2818/CHE/2011A IN2011CH02818A (en) 2011-08-18 2011-08-18 Enterprize computing platform

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