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Tan K Dao
Vance B Gold
Edward F Kubacki
Walter J Sieverin
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American Can Co
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Priority to US06/173,724 priority Critical patent/US4376883A/en
Priority to IN650/CAL/81A priority patent/IN154433B/en
Application filed by American Can Co filed Critical American Can Co
Priority to IN239/CAL/84A priority patent/IN156456B/en
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IN239/CAL/84A 1980-07-30 1984-04-12 IN156456B (en)

Priority Applications (3)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
US06/173,724 US4376883A (en) 1980-07-30 1980-07-30 Monitoring weld quality via forging assembly dynamics
IN650/CAL/81A IN154433B (en) 1980-07-30 1981-06-16
IN239/CAL/84A IN156456B (en) 1980-07-30 1984-04-12

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IN239/CAL/84A IN156456B (en) 1980-07-30 1984-04-12

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IN156456B true IN156456B (en) 1985-08-03



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IN239/CAL/84A IN156456B (en) 1980-07-30 1984-04-12

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IN (1) IN156456B (en)

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