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Process for preparing chlorinated diphenyl ethers


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    • C07C41/00Preparation of ethers; Preparation of compounds having groups, groups or groups
    • C07C41/01Preparation of ethers
    • C07C41/16Preparation of ethers by reaction of esters of mineral or organic acids with hydroxy or O-metal groups


The invention relates to a novel process for preparing chlorodiphenyl ethers of the formula I <IMAGE> (I) in which R is hydrogen or chlorine, which comprises heating a material of the formula III <IMAGE> (III) in which X is one equivalent of an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ion and R is as defined above, in an excess of a dichlorobenzene of the formula II <IMAGE> (II) in the presence of a copper catalyst and of an aprotic solvent as cocatalyst at temperatures of 120 DEG -220 DEG C.
IL86210A 1987-05-04 1988-04-28 Process for preparing chlorinated diphenyl ethers IL86210D0 (en)

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US07/046,594 US4766253A (en) 1987-05-04 1987-05-04 Process for preparing chlorinated diphenyl ethers

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IL86210D0 true IL86210D0 (en) 1988-11-15



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IL86210A IL86210D0 (en) 1987-05-04 1988-04-28 Process for preparing chlorinated diphenyl ethers

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