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Method and apparatus for producing x-rays


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    • G21K1/00Arrangements for handling particles or ionising radiation, e.g. focusing or moderating
    • H05G2/00Apparatus or processes specially adapted for producing X-rays, not involving X-ray tubes, e.g. involving generation of a plasma
    • A61N5/00Radiation therapy
    • A61N5/10X-ray therapy; Gamma-ray therapy; Particle-irradiation therapy
    • A61N2005/1085X-ray therapy; Gamma-ray therapy; Particle-irradiation therapy characterised by the type of particles applied to the patient
    • A61N2005/1091Kilovoltage or orthovoltage range photons
IL6965683A 1982-09-07 1983-09-05 Method and apparatus for irradiating with x-rays IL69656A (en)

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US41501582A true 1982-09-07 1982-09-07
US06/522,567 US4598415A (en) 1982-09-07 1983-08-15 Method and apparatus for producing X-rays

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IL69656D0 true IL69656D0 (en) 1983-12-30
IL69656A IL69656A (en) 1988-08-31



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IL6965683A IL69656A (en) 1982-09-07 1983-09-05 Method and apparatus for irradiating with x-rays

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