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Angulating lateral fluoroscopic suspension


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    • A61B6/00Apparatus for radiation diagnosis, e.g. combined with radiation therapy equipment
    • A61B6/44Constructional features of the device for radiation diagnosis
    • A61B6/4429Constructional features of the device for radiation diagnosis related to the mounting of source units and detector units
    • A61B6/4464Constructional features of the device for radiation diagnosis related to the mounting of source units and detector units the source unit or the detector unit being mounted to ceiling
IL6890583A 1982-09-22 1983-06-07 Angulating lateral fluoroscopic suspension IL68905A (en)

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US06/421,603 US4501011A (en) 1982-09-22 1982-09-22 Angulating lateral fluoroscopic suspension

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IL68905D0 true IL68905D0 (en) 1983-10-31
IL68905A IL68905A (en) 1987-12-20



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IL6890583A IL68905A (en) 1982-09-22 1983-06-07 Angulating lateral fluoroscopic suspension

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