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Data verification system


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data verification
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Greenberg Avigdor
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IL6467581A 1981-12-30 1981-12-30 Data verification system IL64675D0 (en)

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IL6467581A IL64675D0 (en) 1981-12-30 1981-12-30 Data verification system

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IL6467581A IL64675D0 (en) 1981-12-30 1981-12-30 Data verification system
DE19823248400 DE3248400A1 (en) 1981-12-30 1982-12-28 Nachpruefanordnung for remote authorization-
GB08236953A GB2114791A (en) 1981-12-30 1982-12-30 User authorisation verification apparatus for computer systems
US06/712,903 US4601011A (en) 1981-12-30 1985-03-18 User authorization verification apparatus for computer systems including a central device and a plurality of pocket sized remote units

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IL64675D0 true IL64675D0 (en) 1982-03-31



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IL6467581A IL64675D0 (en) 1981-12-30 1981-12-30 Data verification system

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US (1) US4601011A (en)
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IL (1) IL64675D0 (en)

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GB2114791A (en) 1983-08-24
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