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Cephalosporin sulfoxides


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cephalosporin sulfoxides
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    • C07D501/00Heterocyclic compounds containing 5-thia-1-azabicyclo [4.2.0] octane ring systems, i.e. compounds containing a ring system of the formula:, e.g. cephalosporins; Such ring systems being further condensed, e.g. 2,3-condensed with an oxygen-, nitrogen- or sulfur-containing hetero ring
    • C07D501/02Preparation
    • C07D501/04Preparation from compounds already containing the ring or condensed ring systems, e.g. by dehydrogenation of the ring, by introduction, elimination or modification of substituents
IL3254469A 1969-01-21 1969-07-03 Cephalosporin sulfoxides IL32544A (en)

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US79281569A true 1969-01-21 1969-01-21

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IL32544D0 true IL32544D0 (en) 1969-09-25
IL32544A IL32544A (en) 1974-05-16



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IL3254469A IL32544A (en) 1969-01-21 1969-07-03 Cephalosporin sulfoxides

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